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I've never been so embarrassed
186 people are still cringing
Other Badhaps
69 people are so unlucky they can't be categorised.
I've been dumped
38 people are suddenly single
I had the worst day at work
34 people have considered quitting their job
I was ripped off
27 people have paid too much for something
Men! I hate them!
27 people wish they liked girls
I can't believe how drunk I was
24 people are regretting the night before
Girls ain’t nothin’ but trouble
23 people wished girls were more like boys
I got a god damn fine
16 people don’t want to pay
I lost my job
16 people are job hunting or just feeling sorry for themselves
Housemates from hell
13 people wish they could afford to live alone
Friend or foe? Is there a difference?
13 people don't need enemies - they have friends
Hell is commuting
12 people wish they could travel like Jeannie
Worst holiday ever
11 people wish they had gone somewhere else
I caught my partner cheating on me
9 people have been lied to
Have you seen my keys?
8 people wasted a day looking for their keys
My mobile phone has been lost/stolen
7 people are trying to track down their contacts.
7 people have needed a fire hydrant
That'll never come out
7 people need stain remover
I went on the most awful date
6 people have lived to tell about it
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