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7 people have needed a fire hydrant
Anonymous | 24/10/2013
Hello! I need help! I have a close friend an he recently go married. She's been with him since 3 years s ago bt proposed on their 2nd and got married year after! Anyway she loves shedoes. But what ... - 1 Comment
lansingfun | 03/02/2010
FIre Fire....
Yesterday Night Its very hot, i spend the whole night with my girl friend... - 0 Comments
craicagusceol | 20/06/2009
Fire Bug
When I was 15 living with my Mother in Manchester England, I had a close escape from burning the hose down. We lived just 10 minutes from old Trafford home of Manchester United and as a result I wa... - 1 Comment
sonj | 13/05/2009
Stuck inside a building
Hello all, Every tuesday night for the past 3wks myself and a friend have been attending some Spanish lessons as we are off to Mexico in a couple of wks so thought we would at least learn a litt... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 07/04/2009
Nearly burnt my house down
I left work early on the day before Paddy's Day, as I was driving up the country to an auction. I had an hour to get ready and collect my girlfriend so I said to myself I'd put on the chicken stock... - 0 Comments
Sparky | 29/08/2008
Ever had a chili cheese sandwich - they rock, take 2 slices bread toast lightly, butter gently, add nice slice of cheese, crumble a dried chili on to it and microwave for 30 secs. all well and good... - 0 Comments
Hapless Harriet | 07/07/2008
I'm so hot I catch on fire
My @rse caught on fire! That's what! I was so drunk at a party I leant against a drum with a fire in it and burnt a hole in my brand new jacket. So I told everyone 'I'm so hot I catch on fire'. - 0 Comments
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