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by : Anonymous | written on :24/10/2013 | permalink



Hello! I need help! I have a close friend an he recently go married. She's been with him since 3 years s ago bt proposed on their 2nd and got married year after! Anyway she loves shedoes. But what I can't stand is that recently I overheard her husband yelling at her. Screaming at her face at the top of his lungs like he couldn't lower his volume! You can hear her shouting back not to yell an how it doesn't make her feel any better ): but isthat right? I mean is it healthy? Idk what to do. ):


Her attitude was out of it this whole weekbe cause she's Ben stressed out with graduate school, lesson planning and having a new house, so she's jst stressed. And she cries too bt what do you do??? Is he frkn right to yell at her like that?

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2013/11/01 16:13 - akaye311 writes:
No he isn't right. I think that they should look into counseling because any type of relationship that causes a person to get that angry cannot be healthy for either party involved... I'm afraid that if he doesn't see the wrong doings of himself there could be real issues in the future

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