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Friend or foe? Is there a difference?

13 people don't need enemies - they have friends
psycosemptysoul | 17/11/2014
I always argue with my wife's best friend. She recently got a job where I work cause she moved to where we live which is 4 states away. I tried to make sure things work out well and we never argue ... - 0 Comments
akaye311 | 01/11/2013
I'm not sure that there is much of a difference between a friend and a foe and also I'm not sure that all family members weren't put in our lives to make us as miserable as possible... There is onl... - 0 Comments
NOTpopular | 04/10/2012
No cool, no friends
I used to be known at school. Something they called like "Popular". before, I'm just an awful looser. but the hell i already got the guts to be those bullies that bullied me when i was fat! I knew ... - 0 Comments
JosephZOMG | 05/02/2011
Why the FUCK?
The school day was over,I was on the bus,ready to leave,then this girl walked by my seat,and I told the little kid next to me,whom I set with everyday on the bus,trying to cheer him up,he seemed a ... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 11/05/2010
Family? hah.
I'm hurt. My bff calls me her sister and invites me to all her family stuff like thanksgiving dinner because I don't have a lot of family around. Well today she tells me her daughter is getting mar... - 0 Comments
pluey | 06/12/2009
the same name
i have a few friends that i started wondering about, cuz last year, this kid sort of...raped another kid... both whom i thought were friends. D:. another friend im worried about goes around spreadi... - 1 Comment
cringing_lizzie | 07/10/2009
Broke my leg - Completely his fault!
One night, I had my best friend, Luke, over for a sleepover. He looked kind of excited for some reason. I asked him what was up. His reply; "Nothing's wrong, Liz, I'm just really excited about some... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 05/08/2009
I need a life
Im totally obsessed with this guy but he likes my best friend but she dosnt like him,but she still flirts with him all the time and its really irritating, but i cant tell her that i like him becaus... - 2 Comments
zuluwarrior | 05/04/2009
sneeky swimmingpool slag
Years ago I met a girl at my new college and she became my 'best friend' over night. Suddenly she wanted to go everywhere with me. At first I didn't mind, she was always having funny mishaps, but t... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 27/03/2009
my bestfriend betrayed me
well , it was long ago but i STILL remember this. i had a bestfriend , well , i wont and i can't mention her name. so a few months after being a bff, i got a boyfriend. i didnt tell her who he was... - 1 Comment
becdormer | 26/03/2009
taken advantage of
i never met my sister in law until 5 years ago and i had a party for my husbands 40th b'day! n after that my husbands brother and his wife came and stayer every weekend. We gave them our bed and f... - 3 Comments
ER | 06/02/2009
Backstabbing from officemate aka friend!!!
Well, everythings went great, being promote, got new office and staff.... One fine day, everything gone with the wind just because stupid mistake that i tought it silly mistake that i ever think co... - 2 Comments
Countrygirl | 29/01/2009
My supposable best friend has lost it!
I really dont know what to do so i decided to write about it cause i cant talk to anyone about it cause all my friends are friends with her too! Well lets see she got married last year to a guy th... - 4 Comments
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