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by : psycosemptysoul | written on :17/11/2014 | permalink


Friend or foe? Is there a difference?

I always argue with my wife's best friend. She recently got a job where I work cause she moved to where we live which is 4 states away. I tried to make sure things work out well and we never argue again. Things were okay at first but she starting to slip back into her old ways of arguing and every little thing I do bugs her. Mind you that we work together. I told her multiple times to tell me if anything upsets her so we can correct the issue. Instead she bottles up and passive aggressively does things. Know that something is wrong I go up to her and ask what is wrong and what to do to fix it. She insists everything is fine but dirty looks and glares tell me other wise. So for the sake of my wife I want to fix things. She isn't having any of that either and complains that I'm nagging her even though I'm at least trying to fix things. I don't want to never be around my wife when she's around or have any aggression in the air so i don't know what to do but it's becoming very taxing

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