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by : nikdawg1 | written on :27/09/2009 | permalink

black out

Girls ain’t nothin’ but trouble

well when i happen to drink or jimbeam anything straight..its sweet just harmless and drunk until shit happeneds and one second im laughing at some joke then the next i wake up half naked in my friends bed. i actually go insane and do the craziest shit. this includes....chasing random boys screaming i am horny and forcing them to hook up with me, taking off my clothes and dancing, running away from my friends and getting lost in the reserve, passing out and getting my face licked by some chat cunt, faceplanting it everywhere and almost falling onto railway tracks,peeing myself, and thinking everyone is after me.

well one wednesday after and my friends decide fuck it lests get fucked we went to a mates house ..and i dont really know the boys there we start drinking and its all sweet morning wake up wtf happened man...apparently this is what happened.. i was running around this guys house knocking everything i touched over .. i peed infront of all of the guys there...forced all of them to hook up with me ..constantly reminding them i am a sex freak..i was wearing a fucking leatard and constantly forced all the boys to do it up which is at my vagina everytime i went to the toilet, eventually they had enough of us in the house so all 8 of us trecked it to maccas, which on the way while on the highway i decide to start masterbating..yes infront of everyone and end up chasing them forcing them to smell my fingers...we hade it to maccas to which i cannot stand by now so everyone is trying to carry me and i start shoving thousands of chips in my mouth..then start masterbating again... then ran into the toilet and cried for some reason.. after my friends had come to retrieve me and came out of the toilets..the boys had bailed myself and my friends walked back to my house..them carrying me and while approaching the reserve to my house i ran away from them and fellover somewhere in this massive reserve which they had to look for me for an hour..found me took my back home where i was fucked off my face my mums like wtf nikki ..ate half a massive pie of quish masterbated again then passed out.

all i can say is wtf...tell me that somone else has this problem..

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2009/09/29 23:12 - coolcat373 writes:
that story CAN NOT be tru what the fucken hell happend 2 the
2009/10/01 13:05 - Grooveymover writes:
sounds like someone should stop drinking !
2009/10/06 01:20 - nikdawg1 writes:
of course its true ..the boys left us at maccas cus i was 2 fucked up ha ha

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