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by : Anonymous | written on :04/02/2009 | permalink

de'ja vu

Girls ain’t nothin’ but trouble

my girlfriend and i have been together for about 5 years now.i had a million and one loose ends from my frat days but i decided to tie them all up when i got serious with her and i'v given her 100% commitment since then.i dont even give girls unnecessary attention so i eliminated the temptation of cheating and i thought she'd be doin the same

well, two days ago, i was at her place and i saw a new cell phone she had got and i was innocently checking it out when i stumbled on some dodgy and flirty messages between her and some one i dnt know. i asked her about it and the first thing she did was to delete the messages without setting the records straight.then she accuses me of not trustin her and that i wouldnt understand...i couldnt believe my ears and my next reaction was obviously anger.i'm not one of those guys that keeps tabs on their girlfriend and i dnt make a habit of goin through her phone so now am totally overwhelmed b'cos am wondering what else i havnt known about over these past 5years. i'm a man of pride and i take my reputation very seriously. so am wondering if i'v just been plain ignorant or is this really an isolated incident??? .

this discovery changes everything i was so sure i knew.

.she has apologised but its gonna take more than that to re-establish the trust and instead of doing any and everything humanly possible to make it up to me she is acting all withdrawn and guilty.on the other hand theres a possibility that she wanted out of the relationship and was shopping for options but i dnt know..i really like this girl and i want to forgive and forget but the thought of relive and regret keeps poppin up in ma head and i dont want to be the fool in this......

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2009/02/08 23:30 - Kym writes:
Dude, I had the same thing happen to me when I decided to cut all ties with guys I knew that were interested in me, which was quite a lot, because I wanted to give 100% commitment to my boyfriend instead of keeping my options open. So then I found flirty messages from some random chicks and it just made me realize there was a side to this person that I didn't even know. I got outta that relationship quick-smart and it's been the best thing I ever did.
2009/03/15 15:29 - strannikny writes:
dude, just run while you can. But you say it's been 5 years and you like her. This is harder. Let me tell you this, you can either get to the bottom of this and make an informed decision (to stay or leave) or leave now. Leaving with doubts is hell, I've just spent 5 months in it and it hurts. Make her tell you who she sent messages, go talk to the guy and see what's it about. If she refuses, run!
2009/06/09 07:31 - badbrunette719 writes:
Idkk if I agree with those comments dont just leave her, 5 years is a big deal and if you love her you two should be able to work these things out in an adult way
2009/07/19 16:03 - MJLuver writes:
find out if she is really guilty or if someone was just after her and the messages were one-sided. If she is guilty and ur really a man of pride, leave!
2009/08/28 13:46 - WanAn writes:
but if it happen once it happen again i said leave her show no mercy who cares if it 5 year alrdy theres lenty more girls >.>
2009/10/22 10:53 - jdvscores4arsenal writes:
great comments. you'll helped me too.. =)
2009/10/22 10:53 - jdvscores4arsenal writes:
great comments. you'll helped me too.. =)

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