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by : Anonymous | written on :13/07/2014 | permalink

Lost soul

Girls ain’t nothin’ but trouble

I don't know what to do. I met the girl of my dreams last year and I honestly feel like she's the one and that there's nobody else out there for me. We get along great and are so openly flirty with eachother (remember that) . Anyways let's cut to the chase of last spring where I basically told her how I felt for her and she turned me down claiming she never thought of me that way before. I was crushed but for some reason after that I still talked to her cause for some reason in my mind I think she still likes me. Why do you ask? The way she does things! She's jealous when I talk to other girls, she flirts with me openly in front of everyone. Everybody can see that were made for eachother but apparently she doesn't I don't get it. Or maybe she does? I don't know. Now it's summer time and I haven't seen her in two months and things have been a little different, she doesn't talk to me like she used to and she even didn't respond the last time I texted her or snapchatted her. But at the same time she's all I think and all I've thought about for a year almost now and I don't know if I should keep trying with her when school starts or just try and forget her. But I don't even know how I could forget about her cause were on the same sports team and will be forced to see eachother everyday. This whole thing just sucks I feel lame coming on here and talking about it but I've never told anyone this before it's just bottled up inside and driving me crazy everyday. I just feel like I care so much about this girl and will do and have done anything for her and she like doesn't appreciate it or won't give the same back. She's always going after guys that hurt her and It just makes me question myself like she goes after assholes and I'm right here being good and doing whatever I can and she can't notice me in that way. I just don't get her

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