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by : ghostlike22 | written on :09/10/2013 | permalink


Girls ain’t nothin’ but trouble

So I have been talking to this girl for about three weeks. Everything went fine as a normal conversation can be. One night I asked her to send me a picture of a goodnight kiss. She did and I sent one to her without showing my eyes. I figure it'll be a mysterious tease going on. Well the next day went nuclear south. The three weeks we were talking I would send her a "good morning beautiful" and "goodnight beautiful" it made her happy from the look of it. Well the next day after sending her my pic I said that and I got no response. I'm thinking "well maybe she's busy" and ALL day I get not even one text from her. So to me that's not a big deal, I'll get her next time. The next morning I sent her another "good morning beautiful, hope you have a good day" and of course I get one answer text from her. I may think it was because of the picture I sent her. Regardless, I could tell she was either no longer interested, or she's moved on. Well TODAY she sent me a text, even after not talking to me for three days and not even answering any of my text. I knew it was her and I even responded to a simple Hi. Nothing. So finally I'm frustrated and told her she had the wrong number just to play it dumb. I even asked who she is, and behold and hold she uses a FAKE NAME and had no idea who I was! I was in complete shock that the girl I was talking for a good amount of time couldn't even figure out who I was let alone saved my number. Without revealing myself, she told me it was a mistake and that she meant to push 8 not 9 which concludes that she was no longer interested in me and for the fact that she didn't know who I was (probably acting) so I told her "well there's your problem, have a good night". If she wasn't going to even take the time to talk to me or even answer my texts, I'm most certainly NOT going to fix something that is NOT worth my effort.

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