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What do you mean you burnt my car? - Fire!
Returning home from a holiday is bad enough. You have all that unpacking to do, washing to do and in most cases you have to return back to work. Imagine coming back from a holiday and finding the a... - 0 Comments
Is this the unluckiest motorist of the last decade? - I was involved in a car accident
John Child has been involved in 5 car accidents, 3 hit and runs and been ploughed down by a bus all in the last 10 years. That's pretty unlucky. If you can top this, please get in touch to help us ... - 0 Comments
Could this be the biggest day of badhaps in recent history? - My wedding was a disaster
As a volcano in Iceland erupts, we can't help but ponder...could this be one of the biggest days in recent history for badhaps?

If five hundred thous... - 0 Comments

Been scammed on Facebook? You're one of thousands... - I was ripped off
Have you fallen victim to an online scam? Purchased teeth whitening or diet pills? We know you're out there! Well, if you have, don't worry too much, you're not the only sucker. Forty thousand peop... - 0 Comments
Couple's Easter holiday ruined by Europe's "favourite" budget airline - Worst holiday ever
We hate RyanAir and refuse to fly with them. Partly because we're afraid their budget engines will fail mid flight and partly because all their extortionate hidden fees add up, making the cost of t... - 0 Comments
We love watching celebrities fall over - I've never been so embarrassed

We may be a bit late on this, but after scanning the news it became very clear that this Easter had been a slow news weekend for badhaps. So we thought we would think back to one of the most emb... - 0 Comments

Hilarious! Priest gets drunk and punches mourner in the face - I can't believe how drunk I was

If you're one of the many hung over people in the world right now thinking 'I can't believe I did that. What was I thinking? I'm never drinking again' well at least you didn't roc... - 0 Comments

Fined £1000 ($1500) for selling a goldfish? - I got a god damn fine

If you live in the UK, have a Grandma who owns a goldfish, please make sure she doesn't sell it to a minor becuase she could be lumped with a big fat fine and house arrest. Why? We're not sure. ... - 0 Comments

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