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The_Vampyress | 18/06/2014
Auto Zone effin sucks - I lost my job
Worked there for a flipping 4 years. I was assistant commercial manager. some new guy is transferred into the store and starts making trouble for me, saying that the position was his and that he sh... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 16/04/2014
Piece of Sheet - I had the worst day at work
You see here's the thing, SM is the largest developer in the country. They basically put up malls, condominiums, or any ugly infrastructure you can think of on top of historically and culturally re... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 19/02/2014
Most embarrassing ticket ever - I've never been so embarrassed
My boyfriend and I are a little...adventurous. We enjoy doing stuff in public just for the thrill. It's usually nothing too crazy. He grabs my butt, rubs in between my legs, looks down my pants or ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 14/01/2014
I need help.. - I've been dumped it's a bit complicated. I just came out a few years ago, and I've been having trouble finding a boyfriend. I wouldn't say I was desperate but after 16 years of hiding, you want to find som... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 11/09/2013
Didn't make the tennis team - Other Badhaps
I didn't make the tennis team. Big whoop right? Whats so bad you may ask? -I went to EVERY practice, I even practiced on my own time in the blistering 40 degree C heat. There was 1 spot left- and ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 20/08/2012
bastard people! - I've been robbed
Staying at my boyfriends house - I left my laptop in his room well hidden under clothes etc (his huge screen and other stuff standing around on display) a bastard walks in the property while everyo... - 1 Comment
purplepanda | 12/06/2012
Smile! - I've never been so embarrassed
I have this huge rivalry on one of the cheerleaders at my school. We have been enemies for as long as I could remember, and now that she's a cheerleader and I'm a popular soccer girl we get into a ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 29/04/2012
I left my PANTS at my CRUSHES house! And even worst maybe in his room!!!! - Other Badhaps
Ok, so I had a good friend who had a brother who I was interested in. So me, my friend, and her brother were taking pictures. So I sat down on a bulldozer and it left a yellow butt shaped stain on ... - 2 Comments
damselindistress25 | 29/03/2012
Being a Klutz is What I Do Best - I've never been so embarrassed
For as long as I can remember I've been a klutz. I'm great at bumping into walls or people, tripping over nothing, and saying stupid things when I'm nervous. For many years I had a major crush on... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 19/08/2011
eraser sex - I went on the most awful date
I had been seeing this guy for about 3 months( he's now been my boyfriend for almost 3 years)I got ready for work one morning and made sure i looked real cute cause i was going to be seeing him aft... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 23/06/2011
Naked... again! - I've never been so embarrassed
My sisters bought me a really cute white bikini so I wore it to my crushes pool party. I did a huge cannon ball into the pool and floated around. Then I went to suntan by my seat and fell asleep. W... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 16/01/2011
Yep my life sucks. - I've been dumped
I have been dumped by every boyfriend I have ever had. My first boyfriend was freshman year, I was 13 and didn't really have an idea of what was going on. So when he dumped me I took it real hard. ... - 1 Comment
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