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Anonymous | 29/09/2010
the first date - I've never been so embarrassed
my boyfriend and i went on our first date...i was wearing a hotpink & black dress...everything was just perfect until i fell into a pile of shit on our way home..he laughed at me and even told ... - 1 Comment
sonofsam | 04/08/2010
Stung in the face! - Other Badhaps
Got rudely woken up at 4 this morning by a wasp and 2 of his really aggressive pals. It must have been trying to walk on my face while I was asleep and I must have tried to move him along as the l... - 2 Comments
reden | 24/07/2010
Shoe Poo Shitstorm - Other Badhaps
In a busy few days prior to the marriage of two close friends, in which I was an usher, I was left with one problem - getting some new shoes. Being laid back to the point of being disorganised, i w... - 0 Comments
Cris | 22/07/2010
Busted! - I got a god damn fine
Well, there you go, it was month ago since I subscribed here and now I get the chance to post my badhap... It all started yesterday evening, coming back from my GF's home after a nice evening with ... - 2 Comments
midnitenurse1 | 27/06/2010
silent fart - I've never been so embarrassed
i went shoppin with my friend and i wanted to use the toilet really bad.on route to her home she kept searchin for a short cut to the highway but seems to be goin further from her home . by now i ... - 2 Comments
Nina | 27/05/2010
Crazy Barefooter - Hell is commuting
This morning I was getting on the tube in rush hour. As I stepped onto the train some fat person clipped my foot. My shoe fell under the train and I was left with one barefoot. The person didn't a... - 4 Comments
Hapless Harriet | 15/05/2010
The date that never happened - My mobile phone has been lost/stolen
At a party recently, I met the hottest, sweetest, lovely guy - the man of my dreams. We had a pash, exchanged numbers, and sent a few texts over the next few days. On the day he was going to call... - 2 Comments
Hapless Harriet | 15/05/2010
I (almost) poked my eye out - I've never been so embarrassed
For as long as I can remember, I've kept my alarm clock under my bed, so I have to lean right over to turn it off, which seems to have a better chance of waking me up, instead of me falling straigh... - 0 Comments
erstre32 | 10/04/2010
wet myself - I've never been so embarrassed
one day my parents were on vacation and i was home alone so i decided to have a party. i called my friends to come ... and then my bff tickled me so hard i felt i was going to die laughing and i we... - 2 Comments
elliehadyoon | 30/03/2010
Pay double getting from barrier to ticket kiosk - Hell is commuting
I've been a train commuter for 2 and half years, Winnersh Triangle to Paddington for a big chunk of my wages £400 a month (ouch!) when I go on holiday I time it so I don't have a valid ticket... - 4 Comments
abalone_girl | 28/02/2010
I learn the hard way - I can't believe how drunk I was
I was 18 and I had been invited to an adult party. It was at this really cool house up in the hills and they had this pool that looked out over the city and the people who owned the house I only kn... - 0 Comments
frantixsx | 08/02/2010
Do Not ever in your life, pee in a cup. - I've never been so embarrassed
I was at a fancy wedding i did not give 2 walrus shits about...It was at some famous guy's home..some Violinist or whatever ,sure he got plenty of ass when he was younger... I felt a major piss ... - 1 Comment
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