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Anonymous | 26/01/2010
Reunion night - I've never been so embarrassed
me and my neighborhood friends had a reunion party at a nearby bar. I was facing a trial the next day and wanted to take the stress out of the case and drink with my buddies. I got so f**ked up tha... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 18/01/2010
The Narcissit - I had the worst day at work
My co-worker who came in last year as a leader of our group is a narcissist. He has a mirror on his desk to glance during work, and boasts that he looks like a Korean actor. He has been coughing... - 1 Comment
pluey | 06/12/2009
bouncer - I was ripped off
so i was around 11 when i got to go to america for the first time and have fun. i go through all these places and end up in LA, at a souvenir shop. there's this bouncy-ball thing filled with water ... - 1 Comment
beBeh | 14/11/2009
My boyfriend dump me for a not so pretty girl - Men! I hate them!
I had this boyfriend of mine we've been together for almost three years now and he just dumped me just like that he told me that I am a no good for nothing peson, that he just played me for a fool,... - 4 Comments
Grooveymover | 06/11/2009
Presents - Housemates from hell
Not sure if my cat counts as a housemate but I thought this was the most appropriate place to put my latest little story ... I was fishing about in my handbag this morning looking for my purse ... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 14/10/2009
Birds=Broken wrist? - I've never been so embarrassed
So. The other day i was just simply minding my own beez wax. when i saw a little bird out of nowhere hop along. i looked at it and realized it had a broken wing. so the animal loser i am i aproache... - 0 Comments
LisaLush | 17/09/2009
Surely not!!! - I've never been so embarrassed
Surely this kind of thing only happens in the movies? I get home late at night after the longest craziest day at work. I've got an early start in the morning so am in a rush to see my bed... I j... - 2 Comments
Genky | 16/09/2009
Dirty smells and indecent exposure - Hell is commuting
So I live in London and I'm catching the tube (underground train) home tonight. If you don't know London's tube, there's a row of seats along each side of the wall. I sat on one end of an empty r... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 20/08/2009
Never invite an ex to your wedding - My wedding was a disaster
I was a bit reluctant to say yes when my husband to be asked if he could invite one of his ex girlfriends to our wedding, but we'd been together 8 years and I didn't think it would do any harm. ... - 1 Comment
suchaloser | 16/08/2009
So the jig is Down! - I've never been so embarrassed
When i was in the 8th grade i admired a lot of my older girl cousins. All 14 of my girl cousins are amazing, but there were 2 that i wanted to be exactly like Gabriela, and Maricela. Whom we loving... - 1 Comment
BHBOY | 09/08/2009
THE PRINGLE AND THE PINHEAD - I was involved in a car accident
i'm drivin in the melbs CBD tonight with my woman and headed towards a red light. notice the car in front of me has stopped at the lights in the MIDDLE of the road, like one half on either lane. i ... - 2 Comments
im_a_weiner | 07/08/2009
P*ss poor penalty - I got a god damn fine
When i parked my car outside my mates flat on a quiet Saturday morning the last thing i expected was a parking ticket when it was only about half an hour before it was fee to park there anyway. ... - 0 Comments
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