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im_a_weiner | 07/08/2009
Bus lane blues :( - I got a god damn fine
i got a £60 fine for going in a bus lane for like 5 secs, and there wasn't even a flammin' bus being held up – outrageous! I swear they do it just to make some quick money out of us. I hate towe... - 1 Comment
sarahnewark | 28/07/2009
robbed - I've been robbed
i brought a roof box for my car as we were going away and need more room in car i brought it from fasteronline .com they were great at first they took payment and said i could have free delivery th... - 0 Comments
denise | 13/07/2009
mom & "the home" - Other Badhaps
My mother came out of her Alzheimer's fog over the weekend just long enough to realize that the pretty new apartment we moved her into is actually a Nursing Home. She is now going back & forth betw... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 10/07/2009
Too high in Amsterdam - I've never been so embarrassed
I'm in Amsterdam with mates and last night I did too many shrooms and lost control of my bowels. Yes, I shat my pants in public. I don't ever want to leave this hotel room. - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 25/06/2009
What am I going to do with my Michael Jackson tickets now !!!! - I was ripped off
Sad sad news :( but on a more selfish note "What am I going to do with my Michael Jackson tickets now ???" - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 20/06/2009
Moon-beams - I've never been so embarrassed
Last night I was hanging with my girlfriend and a few of her friends, and we got bored so we started playing truth or dare. One thing led to another and as soon as we saw headlights i was dared to... - 3 Comments
abalone_girl | 07/06/2009
My wife's name is Coors (beer) - Men! I hate them!
I was dating a guy whom seemed to have it all together. He owned his home, and two nice sail boats. He had his own business, was good looking and intelligent to boot. After dating for about 6 weeks... - 2 Comments
Grooveymover | 06/06/2009
The Emergency Room - Housemates from hell
Not sure if this should have been added in the "Never Been so Embarrassed" section, but as it happened to be my flatmate I thought I'd add it in here. So I'm sharing a house with a real party g... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 25/05/2009
Locked out - Have you seen my keys?
In the middle of making dinner the other night and I realise I'm out of a vital ingredient so I grab my purse and canvas shopping bag and rush off to the corner shop to get what i need. When I ... - 0 Comments
rocknrolla | 22/05/2009
Misstep - I've never been so embarrassed
So a couple of years ago my youth church had a trip planned for Safeco Field (in Seattle, WA, where the Mariners play). Anyways, it wasn't very packed, especially in the cheap seats we had gotten, ... - 2 Comments
sonj | 13/05/2009
Stuck inside a building - Fire!
Hello all, Every tuesday night for the past 3wks myself and a friend have been attending some Spanish lessons as we are off to Mexico in a couple of wks so thought we would at least learn a litt... - 2 Comments
Day Z | 07/05/2009
You just can't have fun driving anymore - I got a god damn fine
Stuck behind the world's slowest driver for about 5 minutes, finally get to overtake on a beautiful stretch of winding, down hill road and floor it. Made it 200m and was pulled over by the cops. ... - 0 Comments
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