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peter | 24/04/2009
Speeding? Speeding? - I got a god damn fine
So, it is late on a thursday evening and i've got to drive from london for a couple of hours into the countryside, as this weekend i am going to best man at my friends wedding. We set off fairly... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 17/04/2009
What a loser... - I've been dumped
So, my boyfriend and I broke up. Our relationship was difficult at times because of our busy schedules, but I nevertheless made the effort to work things out. The day he dumped me, I went to th... - 3 Comments
starmama | 15/04/2009
Fired by Ms. Crabbutt for bold letters - I lost my job
I'm on a BADHAP roll the last five months - it goes like this: I landed a great job (or so I thought) beating out 30 applicants for an administrative assistant job working for a regional grant... - 1 Comment
zuluwarrior | 13/04/2009
Peewee picnic - Housemates from hell
Years ago I was friendly with a guy who had a big and gegarious family. They lived in a big old house and most sundays the parents would host an afternoon lunch,to which all family friends were wel... - 1 Comment
craicagusceol | 31/03/2009
Projectile Vomiting - I've never been so embarrassed
This story came back to me after reading "Mmmm Chicken" Way back when I was a about 19 I was down in leason street (a street in Ireland well known for its cheep and nasty clubs open till 2am a... - 4 Comments
SarahB | 31/03/2009
MMMM Chicken - I've never been so embarrassed
So i went on a date with this guy i used to work with. I was feeling a little carsick and i told him i might throw up. He asked if he should pull over...i said no thinking i could hold it down. I w... - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 23/03/2009
The taxi driver saw everything - I've never been so embarrassed
So I was out on Saturday night with friends, had a few drinks but not so many that I couldn't remember the night, although I now wish I couldn't remember the night. At around 2am I grabbed a taxi ... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 16/03/2009
Men! - I've been dumped
Bad bad wkend. So it all begins with my stalker ex boyf (who i broke up with 2 years ago) cut both the wing mirrors off my car-bastard! And I was dumped by my latest boyf! who I really liked! We r ... - 5 Comments
Tomleecee | 13/03/2009
Curry-mare - I can't believe how drunk I was
A few weeks ago a load of us from work went out on a Friday evening for a few social beers. Naturally, a 'few' beers gradually turned into a full-blown boozing session. Whilst attempting to play po... - 4 Comments
bribri12 | 09/03/2009
a whipped mess - I caught my partner cheating on me
the other day i got back from my short vacation to florida, only to find out my boyfriend was cheating on me. i went to his house the day after i got home because i wanted to surprise him with home... - 3 Comments
craicagusceol | 04/03/2009
I slept with my Best friends Mother - I can't believe how drunk I was
A long long time ago in a far away planet called Ireland myself and my best mate Dave were celebrating our 21st birthday. Needless to say being 21 and Irish it was a brutal drinking session down th... - 6 Comments
kendrummer | 04/03/2009
worst day at work - I had the worst day at work
Everytime I work I constantly have disagreements with boss because she's asks me to do something and I say that i am going to do it but, everytime I say i am going to do the task she asks me to ... - 3 Comments
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