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Have you seen my keys?

8 people wasted a day looking for their keys
Fiendom | 28/01/2011
One morning, Rapunzel went over to Lemmon and Stone's apartment for a good and great time. Stone had come home at about 1 am the previous night and found PearlSnap on the couch spread eagle and L... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 04/08/2010
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Hello, and I love your web site. I had a situation that was so bad at first, but turned so GOOD that I had to let you know ! It started out with the normal day...go to work, beat the traffic ... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 25/05/2009
Locked out
In the middle of making dinner the other night and I realise I'm out of a vital ingredient so I grab my purse and canvas shopping bag and rush off to the corner shop to get what i need. When I ... - 0 Comments
rob | 11/11/2008
Trappped in my own car
Today i was trapped in my own car.This is how it happened. I was on my way home after a stinkin hot day at work,30+ degrees celcius.I decided to stop at 7/11 to get a drink and ice cream.As... - 6 Comments
murphdjs | 15/09/2008
Where you left them...
Misplaced my keys a few days ago in the house. Upon asking my housemate if they'd seen then their massive intellect managed this response: "Are they where you last left them?" "No you fucking... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 11/07/2008
Never keep your car keys and house key on the same keyring !
On a night out in London I lost my keys, not realising they'd dropped or been dipped out of my jacket pocket. I got back to my car to find I couldn't find them. The really bad thing was that I ... - 0 Comments
Grooveymover | 11/07/2008
Lost keys
Yesterday I was getting ready for work and couldn't find my keys anywhere. Had the whole house upside down, checking my coat, my handbag and even out in the car (then again if they'd been left in t... - 1 Comment
Doomsday | 07/07/2008
Moral: always have a spare key
It was a double Bad Hap! My bag was stolen with, among other things, the ONLY key to my car! I had to sit in the pouring rain in the dark alley behing my work, while it took a locksmith FOUR HOUR... - 0 Comments
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