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by : Fiendom | written on :28/01/2011 | permalink


Have you seen my keys?

One morning, Rapunzel went over to Lemmon and Stone's apartment for a good and great time. Stone had come home at about 1 am the previous night and found PearlSnap on the couch spread eagle and Lemmon on the floor next tohim holding hands. Rapunzel showed up around 11am to find Devvy and Pearlsnap completely obliterated and Lemmon was supposedly on her way to a party bus to continue her extravaganza. Soon after, Stone and Rapunzel heard glass break downstairs and Rapunzel ran downstairs only to find Pearlsnap carrying Devvy passed out up the stairs coming to pass out, she was completely cashed. Rapunzel cooked dank ass pigs in a blanket and they watched the Sound of Music, but unfortunately Pearlsnap wouldn't shut up until Stone had enough and eventually had to punish Pearlsnap with a paint roller and he was eventually banished from the room. Stone continued to paint a glorious yellow bedroom throughout the day, while Lemmon woke up multiple times (3) throughout the day coming to hang with her and Stone (but she doesn't remember) Repunzel. She was black out until 7 pm. And then she went out again....what a fiend.

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