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by : rob | written on :11/11/2008 | permalink

Trappped in my own car

Have you seen my keys?

Today i was trapped in my own car.This is how it happened.

I was on my way home after a stinkin hot day at work,30+ degrees celcius.I decided to stop at 7/11 to get a drink and ice cream.As I got back to my car I threw in the drink and as I shut the door my key dropped out of my hand.All of a sudden the doors locked and the windows went up.It in process deadlocked the entire car,nothing worked.I wasn't sure where the key was at first so i looked for the key everywhere inside the car not once but ten times.Then i started banging on my window to get someones attention so they could look outside for the key.Finally someone noticed me.After a quick look they gave up and shrugged their shoulders..Why not toot the horn you ask...Nothing works when the key isn't in the ignition including the horn.I started panicking and prefurously sweating.The car tempreture was at least 50 degrees c if not more.I then decided to call BMW to find out a way to get out of the death trap.They didn't have an answer for me ,They did however call roadside assistance to come out and at worst they were going to smash the window.I looked to the skies and asked WHY this was happening and then a glimour of hope,my sunroof was slightly open.By now I was in the car for at least 50 minutes.During that time an ambulance came,called by BMW,Because i slightly exaggerated my condition just so roadside got to me quicker.I turned back help by the ambulance crew.Fifteen odd minutes later the roadside assitant man came.Luckily he had the manual allen key so I could unwind the sunroof.Five minutes later I was out of the car via the sunroof.When I got out of the car I was completly drenched as if someone attacked me with the garden hose.I couldn't thank the gentlemen enough i was finally out of the death trap.

I was out of the car but still without the key and no way of moving the car let alone getting home.I had to make the phone call to my brother to go to my place which is 80 km away and get the spare key.Two hours later he was back with the spare key.

I finaly opened the door and sure enough the key was on the door seal.So as I closed the door the key dropped on the door seal and it activated the button which in turn deadlocked the entire car.A one in a million chance of happening.But it happened to me.

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2008/11/11 16:52 - Jana writes:
This story is nuts! You've sure made me feel better about my mundane day at work. Thanks :)
2008/11/19 00:13 - peter writes:
That's so unlucky. i fear my car's deadlock now.
2008/11/28 11:35 - Grooveymover writes:
Blimey !! that's dreadful, glad you got out OK !
2009/05/13 00:57 - Baloney writes:
WTF kind of car do you have that you cannot manually unlock it from the inside? You think that is a good thing? 'Oh dear, it is so hard to lift up on the little lockey thingy, if only I had a remote'
You had to call emergency service to get unlocked from your bloddy car? Hope they charged you out the ass for it. The real bad day was for the guys that had to come and save yer butt.
2009/05/16 20:21 - peter writes:
@Baloney - Modern cars have deadlocks so they can't be opened from the inside after smashing the window.
2009/10/13 12:14 - accidentprone88 writes:
my mom has always been terrified of power windows/locks because something like this happened to her.
i thought she was full of shit.
That is crazy!

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