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Hell is commuting

12 people wish they could travel like Jeannie
smugledbrandy | 30/10/2012
remembering my past
you guys probebly wont belive me but it happened. i was caught out in two different hurricanes. when i was just eight my father two of my friends their fathers and myself were all on a fishing boat... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 01/06/2010
Rude, selfish shellfish.
So I am very lucky that i don't have to use the public transport in london to commute to work, i can make the short distance by foot and most of the time when i use the tubes and bus etc.. i try to... - 0 Comments
Nina | 27/05/2010
Crazy Barefooter
This morning I was getting on the tube in rush hour. As I stepped onto the train some fat person clipped my foot. My shoe fell under the train and I was left with one barefoot. The person didn't a... - 4 Comments
elliehadyoon | 30/03/2010
Pay double getting from barrier to ticket kiosk
I've been a train commuter for 2 and half years, Winnersh Triangle to Paddington for a big chunk of my wages £400 a month (ouch!) when I go on holiday I time it so I don't have a valid ticket... - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 09/11/2009
I hate TFL
Decide to take the bus this morning. Usually I walk because my bus is the wretched 55 which never comes. Anyway wasn't feeling that great and didn't want to walk so left home a bit early and what... - 0 Comments
Genky | 16/09/2009
Dirty smells and indecent exposure
So I live in London and I'm catching the tube (underground train) home tonight. If you don't know London's tube, there's a row of seats along each side of the wall. I sat on one end of an empty r... - 0 Comments
HadToBeMe | 18/03/2009
Cyclists! Who the hell do they think they are?
I live in London, and I pay a ridiculous amount of rent so I can live close enough to work so that I can walk. Catching the tube just got too stressful for me but now i have a new hate - Cyclists!... - 4 Comments
rhedd | 02/01/2009
General commuting hell
Had to say something since rail fares went up by over the amount of inflation from today(2nd Jan). Another thing to add to the hell. I pay over £3k per year and 99% of the time have to stand or sit... - 2 Comments
vesparider | 16/11/2008
school trips
walk towards the tube hoping that the for once is not going to be packed as it usually is.. swipe your oyster card and get onto the platform.. Oh my god... the platform is full of kids obviously... - 1 Comment
murphdjs | 21/10/2008
Night bus sardines
After a nice friends birthday in a poncy South London bar (The Lost Society) I decided to brave it home on a night bus back to far East London at3am in the morning. Thus ensued an hour of standi... - 0 Comments
murphdjs | 18/09/2008
Sodding London Underground
The Central like got completely suspended last night due to a "radio malfunction". It was probably some silly twat just causing feedback in the office. Anyways, this stranded me in Bethnal Green wi... - 1 Comment
vesparider | 15/07/2008
Back from work
Riding my vespa back from work towards home as usual and all of a sudden the engine goes off and the vespa does not want to start again in any way... After several attempts i decide to give up an... - 2 Comments
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