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by : Anonymous | written on :10/08/2008 | permalink

OCD bitch

Housemates from hell

I live with a psychopath Italian named 'Giovanna'. I don't quite understand it, I love Italians. They're usually so friendly, warm and loads of fun. Not this Italian however. She is the most miserable, selfish, horrible person you'll ever meet. And it's not just me who thinks it, everyone who meets her get the creeps from her. She is obsessed with cleaning, partly because she has no life and no friends. She's always hassling me to clean the house from top to bottom but is forgetting one thing. I have a life and am never home to make any mess. She's pushing 40 and living in a share house which is already saying something. She likes to call herself a "make up artist" but actually she's just a make up artist hopeful. She works in retail, I told her that her career would go nowhere and if it hadn't taken off at her age it would never take off. She went psycho ballistic and almost punched me in the face. I guess the truth hurts. I have the upper hand over her now which is great. I think I'm the first person who has ever stood up to her controlling ways. I've been on a cleaning strike for a couple months. I'm hoping the mess will drive her so insane she'll move out. And when I say "mess" it's more like a bit of a dust. The house is clean, just not obsessive clean the way she wants it to be. She doesn't even like people using the living room! Why live in a house with a living room you nutcase? Oh, and if you want guests to stay over you better ask her permission or she'll approach them and instead of saying "hi I'm..." like any normal person she'll say "and you are?". PSYCHO!

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2009/04/25 17:01 - zuluwarrior writes:
after a comment like that about her age and employment, you should be carefull about the use of the word 'bitch'. people in glass houses shouldn't through stones, although I admit that I'm not a madly tidy person and I do find'obssesive cleaners' really annoying!
2011/06/21 13:13 - shaest2008 writes:
LOL, i love the way you deliver the story, sounds really funny to me, i can imagine the tone of your voice.. lol. made my day (in a good way of course!).

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