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by : Grooveymover | written on :06/11/2009 | permalink


Housemates from hell

Not sure if my cat counts as a housemate but I thought this was the most appropriate place to put my latest little story ...

I was fishing about in my handbag this morning looking for my purse when my hand came to light on a small furry object in my bag, thinking that this was a little odd and not being able to recall putting anything furry in my bag I pulled out the object for closer inspection ...

My lovely cat had put a dead mouse in my bag as a present and of course I screamed and threw it across the room which in turn made all the other girls in my department scream and I had to do the walk of shame to the basement bins to dispose of our dead furry friend.

No tuna for the cat when I get home !

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2009/11/08 21:06 - peter writes:
That is sooo cute. He finds you a present then puts it somewhere that you take everywhere with you... so clever.

a real life gardfield.
2010/01/13 16:58 - alfakid writes:
the death is always with the living,why fear? it a gift...ha ha ha.

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