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by : Anonymous | written on :13/07/2014 | permalink


Housemates from hell

I do not want to get too much into my life but it has not been easy ever since I came out of my moms vag....shit has went wrong. My dad was an abusive bastard that would beat the shit out of my mom and basically hated my fucking existance. To the numerous men she would try to get after that because for some fucking reason ppl under the water zodiac signs have to want relationships the most...and she constantly chose the wrong men due to her own daddy issues. But not only did she choose the wrong kind all of the time she always ended up getting special kinds like my step father and the father to my favorited sisters but i will get into them later. He was in his late thrirties and on roids like my dad would beat the fuck out of ppl....but this sick mother fucker had other things in a fucking 4 year old I do not want to gross you out with the this day I am afraid of sleeping in matresses because I was fucking violated in one...but that is ok It only took me a few times before my fucking mother decided it was ok to leave......and growing up I was always treated like a black sheep I became a meloncholy and disturbed young girl almost like a bi-racial version of wednsday adams...Yes that is another fun part I ended up moving to a racist area with a bunch of fucking biggot ass cunts.....(calm down girl! calm down) I heard it all....."Nigger......Fat husky cunt!" I was treated like a monster people were afraid of me since I also dressed like I a creature of the night but that was my fault I had not discovered project run way.....and now....My mom died after years of heart break.......and never understanding her I finally did life is a fucked up game of chess and we are all the pawns unless we find away to sneak off the chess board the game is never over. I ended up moving after my favorite half sisters ended up taking all of her belongings because the get everything even when she was alive she treated me last in every aspect all I ever wanted was a mother's love and I could not even get that.......FUCK! Sorry I slipped.........but I deceided to move out of the house were she died an was left behind with one of her amazing picks a creepy boyfriend who would hit on me idk maybe our family was cursed we are part japanese our ghosts are brutal.....(the grudge). But anyways..........I left everything behind eventhough I am the oldest and she did not have a will but its ok once agian I fucking deserve nothing. And now I am staying with a "friend" who only cares about dick after getting laid so ladies if you get a good close friend who says I do not like men and all of this shit do not even bother with that cunt.....and the main reason why I am here her fucking sadistic family they think no one has it hard the daughter is irresponsible and so fucking ungrateful takes things that do not fucking belong to her has these two fucking demon children which makes me want to go up to every chick and sew their vaginas shut.....she has her own fucking apartment that she does not have to pay for yet still at this house I can never get any fucking sleep or privacy because my friend is going through some mental shit due to a recently traumatizing experience which is fine but after awhile in the end of the day its not my fucking that i think about it I still have it worse yet I am treated like shit.....This bitch is babied when I had to fucking deal with my abuse and the bullying and even an attempt of suicide I was all mom did nothing for me she did not give a shit.....I am sleeping on the floor in a small storage room yet when i fucking try to help out and clean the cunt of a mother is such a fucking dramatic ungrateful bitch she has this weird animosity towards me I think she has some wierd lesbian relationship with her daughter or something I need help IF THERE IS ANYONE READING THIS AND WANTS TO TALK PLEASE I DO NOT WANT TO END UP IN PRISON! She is such a spiteful cunt always has something to say just to push my buttons for no fucking reason.......idk what to do I have even prayed to the devil for help and yet the cunt still stands.......I have prayed to god for help yet the bitch still stands......I just might make her go on her knees when I chop her fucking limbs off.......

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