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I can't believe how drunk I was

24 people are regretting the night before
che0l | 07/12/2011
today is my big day! me and my friend was at a korean store earlier this day, and we were like ooh that's cool wanna buy that one, this one and that too! then, i found the soju. *soju is a korean l... - 0 Comments
jackjackjack | 25/05/2011
never drink with ex's
a couple of nights ago my ex girlfriend was in town. i've known her all my life so we were still somewhat friends. she called me up and said we should hang out because she was in town. i told my cu... - 1 Comment
Chaotic_Dreamz | 11/02/2011
Drunken Fine
Last weekend, A friend and I decided to drink a little in celebration of her bday. Well, a little turned into a lot . I ended up so drunk i could barely remember my own name. Me and my friend got t... - 0 Comments
xoxoautumnoxox | 09/02/2011
Pee Pee
Last winter i snuck out with my best friend to go meet up with our friends at a park and get drunk at about 2 am. the roads weren't snowy anymore so you could pretty much see the pavement. we met u... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 14/05/2010
la lng
i'm at the party of my barkada, i think i had 10shots, yes,, i vomit,, i think it's just for 3 hours - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 02/03/2010
How can this happen? What was i thinking?
So i was at a girl's house for other girl's birth day... i got a bit drunk, not much, but enough to get rid of my inhibitions... or so i thought... after that, i made out with 3 girls.. which isn't... - 1 Comment
abalone_girl | 28/02/2010
I learn the hard way
I was 18 and I had been invited to an adult party. It was at this really cool house up in the hills and they had this pool that looked out over the city and the people who owned the house I only kn... - 0 Comments
Kimora | 02/01/2010
I throw up like hell
Yes, I was getting home from school, i hadnt ate nothing for 3 1/2 days, so my friend comes with a bottle of vodka and i pound like 65% of it, and as time passed by after the whole secret revealing... - 0 Comments
accidentprone88 | 12/10/2009
First Impression Box Wine Shame
My fiance and i went over to his friend from work's house for a cheap wine/bad movie night.I was excited but a little nervous because i was meeting him and his wife for the first time and since i w... - 2 Comments
BrightSammiBby | 21/09/2009
The First Time I Puked Drinking
I was over a guy's house, when we both decided getting drunk would be fun. I drank 5 or 6 Smirnoff Ices, until I started getting burps that hurt. All the sudden I feel vomit go up my throat and t... - 1 Comment
ceveycfc | 16/09/2009
Tony's mom has got it goin on
Well we had plan on the monday that we would have a drink that Saturday. There were five of us and we were only 15. We agreed that we would stay at my friend Tony's house, he had a basement and a h... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 02/07/2009
at least I made it off the bus
So myself and a few of my colleagues all lost our jobs recently so in true British style we got very drunk on a Tuesday night. Not eating, we drank pint after pint of beer and even ended up at som... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 22/06/2009
They had to put me in a wheelchair!
I was lucky enough to visit Vegas for a short, blurred 3 days with a friend. We ended up at a bar/strip bar (I’m female) so I must have been drunk to have even been there and then we started doing... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 18/06/2009
Taking the Vomit Train Home
I went out on a Friday night with some co-workers in NYC and so began a heavy night of drinking. Numerous brews and shots later, we all parted ways around midnight and I made the trek back to Gran... - 3 Comments
amt112 | 07/05/2009
After a LONG night of drinking, I come home with a bad case of "the drunk munchies". I stumble into my kitchen grab, nacho cheese doritos, a plate of oreos, mug of milk, hot fries, and a glass of s... - 1 Comment
Tomleecee | 13/03/2009
A few weeks ago a load of us from work went out on a Friday evening for a few social beers. Naturally, a 'few' beers gradually turned into a full-blown boozing session. Whilst attempting to play po... - 4 Comments
craicagusceol | 04/03/2009
I slept with my Best friends Mother
A long long time ago in a far away planet called Ireland myself and my best mate Dave were celebrating our 21st birthday. Needless to say being 21 and Irish it was a brutal drinking session down th... - 6 Comments
gsotocast | 09/02/2009
Drunken badhap...
I was at a friend's house, in a party that we planned for nothing in special, so after his dad left we got the alcohol out and started drinking, i drank too much i can remember the first 4 half gla... - 1 Comment
an_aussie_OS | 11/12/2008
Falling asleep on Public Transport... again...
This is the second time in 2 months this has happened to me! So last night was our End of Year work Christmas Party and we had a fair bit to drink. We'd also been out the previous night so I was ex... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 06/12/2008
Cn't believe how drunk I was - no vomiting, but I initiated a totally unreasonable arguement for the sake of it. Pretty ashamed of myself!!! - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 11/11/2008
please help my embarrassment!
Got tipsy last night and I feel embarrassed because I got tipsy off of barely 2 shots of straight something and half a cup of rum mixed with coke... this party was thrown by my coworkers and my bos... - 2 Comments
an_aussie_OS | 21/10/2008
I jumped into an empty pool...
Three words: Contiki, Corfu, Alcohol. It can be a painful combination and for me it was. So, after a great day of hanging at the beach, we started the pre-drinks before the evening's Greek Dinner i... - 2 Comments
im_a_weiner | 10/08/2008
toilet trouble
after a particular heavy night on the town and indulging in substances that i really shouldn't have. i was stumbling and dribbling my way around my parents house desperately looking for the toilet ... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 17/07/2008
i can't beleive how #$*! i was
as told to me by my boyfriend. i don't remember it... after a mad session at summerdayze a few years ago, i was walking home down st kilda road with my bf, totally off my face. we started to cro... - 2 Comments
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