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by : accidentprone88 | written on :12/10/2009 | permalink

First Impression Box Wine Shame

I can't believe how drunk I was

My fiance and i went over to his friend from work's house for a cheap wine/bad movie night.I was excited but a little nervous because i was meeting him and his wife for the first time and since i was still tired from staying up til 4am for my friend's 21st.

After the 4 of us went out to dinner, we cracked open the box wine, listened to some music and then put in THE LAST DRAGON.After checkin out the recording room,playing some wii, smoking a few cigarrettes and attempting a magazine crossword puzzle drunk, we were shown the guest room and went to bed for the night.i was drunk but not sick or too drunk)

The next morning, i felt a little silly becuse i had realized i had probably talked too much the night before but i didn't feel that i had made an ass of myself or anything.

After getting in&out, grabbing our stuff and saying good bye, My fiance slowly began filling me on on some details that i had missed that evening..

Even though i remembered what i thought had been the entire evening,There was 2 crucial hours missing from my memory that had happened mid evening.

Not only had i been talking to his coworker's super sweet and slightly shy wife the entire night, i guess i kept invading her personal space as well.

My fiance told me that i kept getting REALLLY close to her face and at one point in the night while admiring how she did her make up i told her to close her eyes and proceeded to trace her make up lines with my index finger.

since she's so sweet she just put up with it.

To make matters worse, my fiance kept trying to tell me

"hey're touching her face.."

And i would stop, turn around a second and say Oh i am? oh i'm sorry! thne instantly forget what i was told and proceed with what i was doing

I also kept asking her to have a drink with me(i had picked up my wine glass again evidently) and she kept telling me no. no thankyou, i'm fine. so i'd say oh ok. and then ask her again like 5min later.

When we went out into their back yard i remember leaning over their pool and asking if it was heated.

What i didn't remember was plungling my arm into the water like a bear to test the temperature.

After abandoning the pool i was distracted by this bizzare fruit tree that was hanging over the back fence and then muttering something about soil nutrients i picked two of the bizare fruit and shoved them in my purse and then asked for a cigarette from the shy wife.

After being told that not only does she not smoke she doesn't like the smell, i was given a cigarrette by my man and as she stepped back i kept stepping forward, unaware of what i was just was a slow,sltealthy chase around the back patio i was told.

Eventually after digging through my ipod and putting on music that you can oly enjoy drunk, i picked up the magazine on the table and then my memory returned.(that's when i attempted the crossword pen.)

Keep in mind that this was my first encounter with these two people!

I have been embarrassed the whole day since that car ride home! Especially since i am one of those people that don't get drunk that often and on the occasion that i do, i RARLEY get carried away.

(only 2wice before; once for my friends 18th birthday where i spent the morning puking to david bowie with only half of my pants, and then once at my going away party where i woke up the next morning to find a giant avocado in my sweatshirt pocket)

I guess that they were laughing and after reading some of the stories it could've been worse, but

unfortunatley i feel that that is the first last and only time we are getting invited over there again.

What sucks is up until those two crucial hours, we were all getting along great. I guess sleep deprivation and box wine is the equvalent of acid.


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2009/10/14 18:31 - Kelly writes:
Haha you sure they didn't drug you? :)
2009/10/15 00:24 - accidentprone88 writes:
lol no but i found out monday that my man's friend from work was just as smashed so i guess it wasn't as embarrassing as i origionally thought,or as my man thought lol thankfully.Box wine is sneaky though,it hits you out of nowhere.i guess i just got hit harder than normal becuase i was already tired...

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