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by : che0l | written on :07/12/2011 | permalink


I can't believe how drunk I was

today is my big day! me and my friend was at a korean store earlier this day, and we were like ooh that's cool wanna buy that one, this one and that too! then, i found the soju. *soju is a korean liquor. we bought it but didn't drink it coz we still got class after lunch break. after our class we went to our hangout place. everyone knows our faces there. we've got that place for almost two years every tenants are like our audience when we are fooling around. i decided to have a taste of soju. *note:i'm easily drunk*. i'm like addicted to it so i drink it until it got half of the bottle. *i'm drunk* imagine it's a public place and the show must go on. i'm holding a piece of bread my friend bought somewhere, i gave it to the boy tenant who* is my friends' crush. he didn't accept it because he thought i was acting weird. i grab his hand pulled him near me and talk to him in different language. everyone's looking' at us. there's a lot of girls who fantasize about this kid but i just mock him like he's a toy. when i look at their faces they thought i'm stupid and air head to hold and pull that kids' hand. i was really humiliated every time i'm drunk. this is not the first time i'm drunk but this is my first time to be embarrassed so much in front of many people. why am i embarrassed? because he is shy to me. he thought i got a crush on him and he's always acting cool in front of me. that's why i pulled him to tell him that we are just fooling around but i ended up the fool ones. i'm getting anxious right now on how to pull myself together and face those people again with such a good image. but my image was ruined already!damn i hope i'm only dreaming at that time. >.< i need a break.

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