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I caught my partner cheating on me

9 people have been lied to
lukeimyafada | 18/05/2013
exs are bitches
well im with someone but i just wanna let this out and ask advice my ex kiara, she cheated on me during our relationship and i looked past it, i think that was mistake 1, coz then later down the t... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 13/06/2011
Boyfriend and Bestfriend
Ok so last night me and my boyfriend were supposed to go to the movies to see a really romantic movie but he canceled so i called my bestfriend to see if she wanted to see a movie but she said she ... - 1 Comment
xoxoautumnoxox | 09/02/2011
Mommy's Always Right.
Last year, i was a freshman and i met this boy named Tyler and he was a Senior at our high school. We started to talk as just friends and hang out ALOT , he'd take me to and from school and suddenl... - 2 Comments
parichoghok | 28/08/2010
My first love was a total asshole
It was my first love. I was 15. Wow! such a kid. We met online. then we realized we are in the same country, same city and even the same neighborhood. At first it wass all good and sweet. we use... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 16/09/2009
have always been hurt in love
hi, i want to share this with everyone today im hurt coz i saw the new wife of my ex husband, he has changed his life for some other woman but couldnt change his life for me, i went through so ... - 4 Comments
allpig102345 | 07/06/2009
love. must read!
On saturday my boyfriend that i loved so much wanted me to go to a club with him. sadly i had a volleyball game and didn't feel like letting down the team. i thought the practice would be from 6p.m... - 5 Comments
abalone_girl | 02/04/2009
Net pimp
I had been dating Robert Sanders for 2 years. After breaking up twice because he was a flake and too often didn't call or let me know he was not coming for our planned dates, I gave in and excepted... - 4 Comments
bribri12 | 09/03/2009
a whipped mess
the other day i got back from my short vacation to florida, only to find out my boyfriend was cheating on me. i went to his house the day after i got home because i wanted to surprise him with home... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 15/09/2008
Here it goes i'm engaged living with ny partner for four and half yrs, i was eight month's pregnant and he just walked outta my life, I went to the house he was staying at and i found the tramp tha... - 8 Comments
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