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by : abalone_girl | written on :02/04/2009 | permalink

Net pimp

I caught my partner cheating on me

I had been dating Robert Sanders for 2 years. After breaking up twice because he was a flake and too often didn't call or let me know he was not coming for our planned dates, I gave in and excepted his proposal of marriage thinking this meant he was serious. 2 days after his proposal I sent a nasty email because again he stood me up for an important (planned) event that cost money. He called minutes after I sent the email to say his daughter 23 years old, had been very ill (yeah right!) and he had to be with her. After our phone conversation, I immediately went into his email and deleted the nasty letter. (He had called form work). When I tried to empty the trash I found a slew of letters to his NEW internet girlfriend. Lovely things, like how lonely he is and how he wants "just one woman to share his sailing with, he so tired of sailing alone" (What a fuck!). I emailed the woman and told her that he had proposed to me 2 days before and I did not want to speak with or trade emails with her. I only wanted to warn the next person in his path.

What a loser!

Lucky me, I found a real man a year later that is now spoiled rotten, by me!

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2009/04/02 18:01 - SarahB writes:
Hmmm I really don't like the internet sometimes. I'm sorry that happned to you. But hey what'd you expect even you said he was a flake.
2009/04/03 10:18 - HadToBeMe writes:
Is that his real name? If so good! I hope all his future girlfriends decide to search his name and find your story!
Glad you have now found someone who makes you happy.
2009/11/13 04:40 - Lambo187 writes:
are you really happy???
2010/02/28 04:12 - abalone_girl writes:
I am still really happy and we are married 4 years in June. We have a lot in common, but we still have our own lives without the lies!

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