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by : Anonymous | written on :15/09/2008 | permalink


I caught my partner cheating on me

Here it goes i'm engaged living with ny partner for four and half yrs, i was eight month's pregnant and he just walked outta my life, I went to the house he was staying at and i found the tramp that he is still with nearly a year later wrapped up in his bed. Talk about heartbroken. it still hurts and i dont know will i ever get over him...

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2008/09/15 17:48 - Jana writes:
*gasp!* You poor thing. Did you seek revenge?
2008/09/18 14:34 - murphdjs writes:
What an arsehole!
2008/10/23 07:41 - yesreally writes:
The ass is a loser. You're better off without him.
2009/03/03 12:09 - lisa1234 writes:
i had the same thing happen to me there is life after this the best revenge is to be successfull and look great always he will soon see what hes lost and beg you to take him back and then you have the pleasure of rejecting him and telling him he was never good enough for you
2009/03/05 16:05 - simpk writes:
child support.
2009/04/05 23:41 - zuluwarrior writes:
You don't need revenge, you already have the best deal; He got some old bag for a girlfriend, and you got the best thing that could happen to you, a baby. I know because exactly the same thing happened to me. My son is 21 this weekend and I love him more than any boyfriend. He probably can't even remember her name! In my case he stayed with her, and for my sons sake we all stayed 'friendly'. Thats how I know that the sexy young girl he dumped me for, has now dumped him! After 20yrs! ha! ha!
2009/07/29 17:56 - X writes:
Men are pigs!
2010/08/28 04:15 - parichoghok writes:
SAdly me leave their partner more often when they are pregnant. this is so unfair

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