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by : Cris | written on :22/07/2010 | permalink


I got a god damn fine

Well, there you go, it was month ago since I subscribed here and now I get the chance to post my badhap... It all started yesterday evening, coming back from my GF's home after a nice evening with her. After I while I reached an empty, large, long street and decided to give my car a nice streak. Well it was fun until it lasted... At 190km/h I saw a blinking light far away and thought "What the...", so I braked but it was too late... policemen. To make it short, I got my driving license retired from 6 to 12 months (still to be decided), 10 points taken away out of 20 (if I lose all of them my license goes bye bye), and moreover, a goddamn fine of 666€ (nice number xD). This is gonna be a bad time for me, without car I need to bike my way to work (30km everyday), to my GF (same distance) and I will lose in general every party/travel/holidays I planned... Believe me, driving fast it's fun but the consequences can be painful, think about it. I learned the lesson in the hard way, I hope you won't need it! Peace!

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2010/07/22 13:19 - Kelly writes:
That sucks!
2010/07/26 05:52 - lukeimyafada writes:
I Hate Police
Expecially The Police In Port Pirie
My Mother Used To Beat Me Up
And When I Reported Her They Would Do Nothing...
But When I Defended Myself By Pushing Her Arm Away
She Called The Cops And They Arrested Me!!!
I Had To Be Bailed Out By My Dad, At 12 Years Old!!!

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