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I got a god damn fine

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peter | 29/12/2010
Oh fuck, permit only AFTER six
Needing to get around Melbourne requires a car, but sometimes it's easier to switch to the public transport to avoid traffic congestion and extreme costs for parking in the city. So, we're getting... - 0 Comments
Cris | 22/07/2010
Well, there you go, it was month ago since I subscribed here and now I get the chance to post my badhap... It all started yesterday evening, coming back from my GF's home after a nice evening with ... - 2 Comments
oliphant | 30/11/2009
Disappearing Car
When I got back from holiday my car had disappeared, try as I might I couldn't find the damn thing and decided I must have been dozey and left it somewhere other than my street and lost it.. I call... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 01/10/2009
Speed Freak
The drive from Las Vegas to San Francisco is a long one and we wanted to get though it as quickly as possible so there might have been a possibility that we were a smidgin over the speedlimit. Wh... - 1 Comment
im_a_weiner | 07/08/2009
P*ss poor penalty
When i parked my car outside my mates flat on a quiet Saturday morning the last thing i expected was a parking ticket when it was only about half an hour before it was fee to park there anyway. ... - 0 Comments
im_a_weiner | 07/08/2009
Bus lane blues :(
i got a £60 fine for going in a bus lane for like 5 secs, and there wasn't even a flammin' bus being held up – outrageous! I swear they do it just to make some quick money out of us. I hate towe... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 19/06/2009
Parking inspectors!
Met my sister for lunch today, she works in the city. Parked my car, paid for my one hour car park, had lunch with my sister, left my sister on time because I knew my car park would expire and as ... - 0 Comments
SarahB | 08/05/2009
Suspended for sure
I got a speeding ticket the first month I recieved my licence. I had to go to court accompanied by an adult becuase I am a minor. Then a month later on a monday i cause a three car accident... T... - 0 Comments
Day Z | 07/05/2009
You just can't have fun driving anymore
Stuck behind the world's slowest driver for about 5 minutes, finally get to overtake on a beautiful stretch of winding, down hill road and floor it. Made it 200m and was pulled over by the cops. ... - 0 Comments
peter | 24/04/2009
Speeding? Speeding?
So, it is late on a thursday evening and i've got to drive from london for a couple of hours into the countryside, as this weekend i am going to best man at my friends wedding. We set off fairly... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 05/12/2008
Photographic evidence :(
Don't you just hate it when you get a fine through weeks after the alleged offence ? I got a fine through yesterday for sitting in a yellow box at a junction, complete with a handy picture of me... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 07/08/2008
wilde pissen
After an ill-fated trip to Andorra for what was meant to be a season working and snowboarding in the mountains, but actually turned into 10 days sleeping in a VW Golf with 2 other men at -10 degree... - 0 Comments
BHBOY | 17/07/2008
Last week I get home after a long-ass day at work and in the mailbox find the following: my annual car registration bill, my first credit card bill, AND a rather hefty speeding fine!! ALL AT ONCE!!... - 0 Comments
stupid bus lanes
I thought id would stay in last wkend to save money , well that was the plan before i got a driving fine in the post saturday for being in the bus lane , I was so annoyed the picture showed that i ... - 0 Comments
Hapless Harriet | 07/07/2008
Smoking is bad for your financial health
As if they don't cost enough already. As I was pulling up out the front of my house, I threw a cigarette butt on the ground, and lo-and-behold there was an undercover cop car behind me. I was fin... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 06/07/2008
My car was towed!
On a recent trip home to Melbourne (from London) I decided to take my mum's car on a shopping trip. I'm not used to driving her giant car so I parked it on the road so I didn't have to squeeze int... - 0 Comments
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