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by : peter | written on :24/04/2009 | permalink

Speeding? Speeding?

I got a god damn fine

So, it is late on a thursday evening and i've got to drive from london for a couple of hours into the countryside, as this weekend i am going to best man at my friends wedding.

We set off fairly late so the traffic will be quite and we can steadily make our way back. The Journey was pretty uneventful as i sat around the limit going along the motorways and dual carriageways. I say around the speed limit as i was proberbly doing 75mph max (when overtaking) and my girlfriend goes spare if i am caught driving near 80mph.

We turn off to go through the country roads, which isn't as small as it sounds, it's just single carriageway road that goes through a few villiages.

We hit the first village, and i didn't see the initial speed limit sign. I realised i hadn't seen it when i had finished bitching to myself about IDIOT FUCKING DRIVERS that don't know when to dip there highbeams. when the road isn't lit very well, highbeams are needed on the country roads... BUT NOT TO BLIND OTHER DRIVERS!

The UK national speed limit on a single carriageway roads is 60mph, and as you get to places it will state the change is limit. If you don't see the limit signs you can usually guess the speed limit accourding to the surroundings, if it looks built up like a housing estate it is proberbly 30mph, OR there will be repeater signs that remind you of the new speed for the road.

Anyway, so i think, hmm.. it's a little built up, some houses not excatly well lit like a housing estate, i should ease off, slow down and keep an eye out for a repeater sign.

As i am slowing from about 50mph (remeber it would have just changed from 60mph to something lower - so i previously doing 10mph under the limit), a man stands in the middle of the road and points a touch at me and then points me to pull into the petrol station.

Why did the arsehole have to point it striaght into my eyes, i've just been blinded by some stupid drivers and he is at it aswell!

As i pull into the closed petrol station i find out he is a policeman and he is about to tell me i am speeding.

He asks if i know the speed limit along this road, i said no, i didn't see the sign, but i would guess as it is a village it could be 40mph.

He shows me the speed gun, 47mph, then tells me it is a 30mph limit.


he then continues to explain that i should have known etc.etc. i am poliet and take the 3 points and the £60 fine.

ARSEBISCUITS! I hand over my licence (as i can't get to a station within the next 7 days cos i will be abroad) and realise i can't drive whilst i am away. RUBBISH!

My girlfriend, who had stayed quite until this point, says how it is a "blessing in disgise" that i can't drive when away. Yes, the ticket had been issues, but i didn't need them to think i am crazy and then for them to follow me for the next hour.

So, I got caught speeding, and for all the times i have go over the limit you could say i diserve it, but the time i am trying to be good and get home safely and actually trying to not break any laws and i get done.

Becareful when driving north on the A134 into Great Barton, suffolk. The Speed limit is 30mph and the police sit in the petrol station and gun you for the mile of straight road leading up to it.

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2009/05/05 20:29 - sonofsam writes:
you were played by the big 5 0!!!! sucker ; )

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