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I had the worst day at work

34 people have considered quitting their job
moon_wolf99 | 11/03/2015
Unlucky Dog
Aaron's.... The very name conjures images of a smiling, friendly lucky-dog cartoon character... But the company... Is anything but friendly... Our GM and the gentleman in charge of our region... - 0 Comments
psycosemptysoul | 16/11/2014
I hate work so much
I work for a retail corporation in which I drive a fork lift at night. I drop things for the other associates to do. I dropped a bunch for the other associate to do but an able to do as long as the... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 11/06/2014
Truth be told
I got a job about a month ago at McDonald’s, it’s my very first job, and at first I liked it despite working the most with the shift manager that’s pregnant and yells at me a lot.... - 0 Comments
DfwDude | 10/06/2014
Ignorant rude morons
I work at a bigbox hardware store and most of the customers are hispanics. some are very good people and some are not. they can barely speak English if at all,they have no idea of what they need an... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 16/04/2014
Piece of Sheet
You see here's the thing, SM is the largest developer in the country. They basically put up malls, condominiums, or any ugly infrastructure you can think of on top of historically and culturally re... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 19/01/2014
youre the slow one motherfucker
Like really? I work at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver and I NEVER got one complaint about being late but my boss says that im too slow. how the fuck is that? when i still make tips. and you say i d... - 0 Comments
DfwDude | 23/02/2013
I get really pissed when accused of not doing job!
I repaired a crack in a guys ceiling,two months later the crack reappeared and he accused me of not putting tape over the crack! I nearly punched him in the face as I dug the texture off to show th... - 0 Comments
abalone_girl | 02/07/2011
Racism at its finest
For 6.5 years now I have worked at a government facility for a supervisor that loves to talk trash about anyone of color (including Native Americans). He says that as an American it is his right to... - 0 Comments
xspsugarx | 01/12/2010
high schooooool....
so i thought high school would be better than middle school. you know,less drama and everything. well, im proved wrong just about every single day at school. first, my best friend's grandpa died ye... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 18/01/2010
The Narcissit
My co-worker who came in last year as a leader of our group is a narcissist. He has a mirror on his desk to glance during work, and boasts that he looks like a Korean actor. He has been coughing... - 1 Comment
cringing_lizzie | 01/10/2009
Stupid co-worker
When I went to work my boss called me in. I walked up to him with the brightest smiles when he replied back simply with a frown on his face; "Get rid of that stupid jackass grin and get me a cup of... - 2 Comments
ninigisan | 29/06/2009
Bloody co-workers
I'm a bit annoyed today! I'm at work and I swear to god I'm working with a bunch of dicks! The team I work with is supposed to be an intelligent collection of individuals who know a lot about Engli... - 0 Comments
an_aussie_OS | 25/06/2009
I have a massive hole in my jeans!
So, I'm sitting at work right now and I have a massive hole in the crotch of my jeans. It started off as a tiny little hole, but a combination of factors including, but not limited to: - playing... - 1 Comment
nells | 27/04/2009
where is UK
i was working @ 1 of the international airport in indonesia as a ground staff, sometimes we handling complain from passangers. i had a new colleage , she couldnt speak english , she got the job... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 17/04/2009
move again
2 months ago my boss ask me to move to engineer office, now ask me to move up again, said now got more engineer in no place for me to sit. i my boss eye i am the extra staff, better resign... - 3 Comments
mag | 14/04/2009
low cash flow
Is it my problem make company cashflow so tight? I didnt approve for any company expenses pay out, i just follow the instruction from boss to make payment. y every time cashflow is low, they come t... - 0 Comments
mag | 14/04/2009
bad working environment
i was surrounded by devil co-worker who like to push out their work to the people that never say no. they always take advantage on you, when u give them some of your work, their will bark like dog,... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 14/04/2009
attact by stupied senior
I have been attacted by my stupied senior in front of my boss, but i was so slow when he attact me i can fight back on the spot... now i am was so down.... - 0 Comments
kendrummer | 04/03/2009
worst day at work
Everytime I work I constantly have disagreements with boss because she's asks me to do something and I say that i am going to do it but, everytime I say i am going to do the task she asks me to ... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 01/02/2009
Please beware of Global Cash Flow Network as they are really sneaky! Once you are in there you can't get out without paying a penalty. - 2 Comments
peter | 29/12/2008
So, I didn't really need to go to the office today, but i popped in as some lights were being collected and i thought i could help find them for the driver to pick up. We don't know much about l... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 12/12/2008
Keeping a calm head
So work can be stressful right? But when stress in the work place increases, it just leads to people not thinking clearly, and throw in a deadline and all plans and ideals go out the window. My ... - 4 Comments
Trylon | 04/12/2008
I hate Bogans
I'm surrounded by Bogans at work, and I'm starting to lose my mind. That is all. - 6 Comments
Old Bird | 29/11/2008
Old Bird
So I'm the fool who keeps the store cupboard at work stocked with tea, coffee, sugar , milk etc etc. Last Friday I'd been working my socks off all day, I didn't bother to stop for lunch you know ho... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 28/11/2008
Work Garage Badhap
Our office has an underground carpark that's supposed to be locked at midnight. I come back to the office at 11.30 to find the whole place locked down early with my car trapped inside the garage...... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 13/11/2008
Head Lice from work!
RGIS, an Inventory Service in Ottawa, Ontario (not the real company name). RGIS Ottawa has low wages, no benefits, no promotions, but head lice are free! We pile all our coats in a shopping cart an... - 5 Comments
Chucks | 06/11/2008
Some people are unrealistic
There is something annoying about "change" (and I don't mean Obama type change or as I see that - human evolution). I mean, what is it about work people who want other work people to change 'som... - 2 Comments
nappy | 22/10/2008
Freudian Slips
So at work we've got this inter-office online messaging service thats supposed to 'increase efficiency' and 'save money' but basically means employees sit at their desk chatting with the person sit... - 2 Comments
craicagusceol | 21/10/2008
A Shoit day at the office
Today was a shoit day, was working last night till nearly 11pm from 8am this morning. I thought I had laid the ground work for a great day. Walked into work and found out I had to train this poor w... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 15/10/2008
The bonus project
It was a beautiful Friday afternoon. I had keys in hand about to leave work early and dodge the traffic, swill down a well overdue beer and head to the beach. I had finished everything that nee... - 0 Comments
Trylon | 15/09/2008
Colleague from Hell
The girl that sits next to me at the office is an absolute nightmare. She doesn't stop talking about how great Australia is, she continuously asks me the most idiotic questions and spends the rest... - 3 Comments
lp1 | 06/08/2008
I hate MY job
First off i work at a liquer store if that isnt bad enough, about 23 years old. Secondly my boss is a complete douchbag that i hate. He makes godawfull jokes, always talks about his trouser snake 2... - 3 Comments
WolfofSorrow | 03/08/2008
Well, day really... :P
Well, you see, I have this crush on a girl (who I will keep anonymous) and she knows I like her, I told her that, and she took it really easy, so it was more of a slap-in-the-face than a, "NO! I HA... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 02/08/2008
She boss she nuts
I work for a psycho bitch! I can't handle it anymore! She questions where I've been if I come in 1 minute late after a lunch break even when most days I don't even take lunch breaks! She's one o... - 2 Comments
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