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by : peter | written on :29/12/2008 | permalink


I had the worst day at work

So, I didn't really need to go to the office today, but i popped in as some lights were being collected and i thought i could help find them for the driver to pick up.

We don't know much about lights, but the lights that were being collected had labels on ... and yes you guessed it they were all hung from the ceiling. We pretty much had to check every light to find the ones we borrowed (we borrowed 4 and there are about 100 already hung).

pulling down the final light i somehow - i don't know how - managed to catch the ends of my fingers and then there was blood. to say the ends of my fingers were chopped off would be a bit over the top, but it was more painful than a papercut.


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2008/12/29 18:21 - peter writes:
i need to change the plaster! but I just don't wanna see the damage :(

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