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by : Anonymous | written on :11/06/2014 | permalink

Truth be told

I had the worst day at work

I got a job about a month ago at McDonald’s, it’s my very first job, and at first I liked it despite working the most with the shift manager that’s pregnant and yells at me a lot. I liked it because I was the front counter cashier and I was mostly good at it and I have a crush on one of my coworkers. After a few days, we started getting new workers; I work the most with Christian though. On Monday, I went in to fill out my paperwork for my paycheck that I haven’t even gotten yet. The pregnant lady came up to me and told me that I’m really slow and really need to speed it up and that’s why the general manager had given me fewer days to work. When I got my schedule I realized that I worked less hours, but the same days: three days. I’m okay with that because the less I work, the more time I have to catch up with my school assignments and spend time with my brother. I was supposed to work four hours yesterday, but three people called in sick and the general manager called me in early at 9am. The moment I got there, the pregnant lady put me as the presenter at drive thru, meaning that I gave out the orders. Honestly, I hate being the presenter because the person that puts the food together is never specific as to what they leave on the table. Here’s what went wrong yesterday: My friend came and ordered five Sausage McMuffins and at the cashier window he added one more. I already had the bag ready for him and gave it to him then the pregnant lady got mad because she wanted to add his other McMuffin to the bag that was already there. I helped bag some Sauasage McMuffins and I had six in the bag and was waiting on two more, but the pregnant lady sent me to do something else and I left the bag there and it tilted and a few of the McMuffins fell on the floor and she got mad at me and said “Yeah, keep dropping the food and wasting it, we have a lot of it. At lunch time, this lady bought the World Cup Bundle thing and it’s a box with like two Big Macs, two medium fries, and some nuggets. When she opened her box, she complained about the fries not being fresh and then she demanded her McChicken. There was a bag next to me and I gave it to her and she drove off. The pregnant lady was asking what I had done and I explained to her that the lady asked for her McChicken and then the next car came to the window and she wasn’t sure what her order was, so I asked. It turned out that the bag with the McChicken and two special cheeseburgers that I had given out were hers, so the pregnant lady asked the cooks angrily to make them again because I was making their job harder. A few times customer’s that had big orders drove off without one of their bags, but I’m in charge of making their drinks and don’t keep track about the food. The pregnant lady helped me make an Iced Coffee and apparently left the little lever down because while she was mopping she noticed that it had all spilled and that the bin thing was empty. She looked at me and mugged me because she blamed me and I know that I didn’t do it because a while ago I spilled some sweet tea using that method so now I manually hold the lever and wait. Finally, I always get mixed up with the bags because there’s this small table that we use for drive thru and it has this 1, 2, and 3 number setup and she usually just throws the bags there and says here and on occasions it’s not the next order, it’s like the second or third. Finally, she had a talk with me about how Christian was better than me because he made his orders and helps out when he doesn’t have any customers. The reason being of why even though he started working after me and he worked a lot more hours than me. One of the shift managers, got him the job though, and she once told me that my job wasn’t that hard that I needed to speed it up. She said that the cooks had it harder and to appreciate that my job wasn’t difficult. So maybe I am slow, but it’s dreadful working with the pregnant lady and all her criticism is affecting my self-esteem. Sometimes I really don’t want to go to work because I know that she’ll be there. I’ve thought about getting a second job, but I feel it hard to juggle school and two jobs. There’s a chance that I won’t get hired anywhere else. If I quit the job at McDonald’s or get fired I’d feel like a failure and a disappointment to myself and my parents. What would you recommend that I should do?

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