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by : Anonymous | written on :13/02/2014 | permalink

Am I overreacting?

I lost my job

Got home from work today after being fired. I needed to vent to my friend. Mainly because I feel like I was wrongly let go. Anyways, here is how the conversation between me and her went.

*Begin Scene*


- So the strangest thing happened at work today. I didn't say it flat out, but I came out to the activities lady at work.

- Then, since it being a week since I've started taking Vyvanse: the doctor suggested I take two instead to see if it would be better. Well it wasn't. I was having some side effects and it was showing on my face. And the activities lady saw this and asked if I was ok. So I briefly explained that I take Vyvanse and today was the day I was to try a higher dose, I then explained that it wasn't feeling well from it, so I'll just take one the next day.

- I kid you not. Less than 20 mins later I was escorted out the door and had to hand in my keys


- Whaaaat?!


- Yup! They also took my OWN shirt that I had bought FOR work


- Why?? I don't understand.


- I also disclosed that I had a near death experience to my manager, privately I might add, the Monday after the lady died. You know. The lady who's hand I held as she lay dead on the floor. And told him that I was going through a rough time because those two things happened almost exactly a year apart.

- And I told him that when I get benefits, I'll be going to survivor's counselling.


- I still don't get why they fired you. Like what did they say was their official reason?

ME: -

"You're one of the nicest people ever. But unfortunately, it's not going to work out"


- But....but why. That's not a reason.


- I know right!


- I seriously do not understand. Like do they think you're emotionally unstable or something?


- Luckily, I have a social worker in Calgary because I was on benefits for a month while I looked for a job. I'm phoning her tomorrow.

- I believe that is what they're thinking. But this "instability" is the direct result of something that happened AT WORK. That was out of ANYONE'S control.


- No shit. That seems really shady that they would do that, seemingly with like no consideration


- And they didn't give us a number for grief counselling. He gave us a number for the Calgary distress center. You know. The GENERAL number you call when you are having emotional distress.

- No referral to any counselling services. No suggestion that they would cover the cost of counselling

- It doesn't make any sense


- Well hopefully your social worker can make some progress, because that definitely doesn't make sense at all. It's totally normal to have residual emotional issues following the death of a patient, they can't possibly fire every person who is affected by witnessing a patient death


- And if they thought I was being a problem because I was constantly in the office; discussing when I was going to get my pay. Well that was THEIR issue! Yes it was my fault that I deposited the check ONE day early. But I really don't think that it was my fault for the accountant to send a new check that NEVER showed up. (it still hasn't)

- Oh! Another thing. This isn't about me. The girl I'm tutoring hasn't come back to work yet. I think that she was coming in today, but that is because the manager told her to, "start acting like an adult"


- Wooow. This place sounds like they have some major pr issues.


- That poor girl is TRAUMATIZED. She doesn't handle death very well and she was one of the FIRST people to see that lady

- Sorry I'm venting. I'm pissed

- Oh and I was told to get rid of the card that I made for the ladies family who died


- It's okay. If I don't respond right away it's because I'm in class, but I can talk for now

- That seems really weird.

*End Scene*

Then we started talking about her class, and how the mannequins' weird eyes freak her out.

But anyways. That was my day. I would really like to know how I'm sounding from an unbiased standpoint. Am I being unreasonable, or is this a legitimate problem?

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