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I lost my job

16 people are job hunting or just feeling sorry for themselves
The_Vampyress | 18/06/2014
Auto Zone effin sucks
Worked there for a flipping 4 years. I was assistant commercial manager. some new guy is transferred into the store and starts making trouble for me, saying that the position was his and that he sh... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 13/02/2014
Am I overreacting?
Got home from work today after being fired. I needed to vent to my friend. Mainly because I feel like I was wrongly let go. Anyways, here is how the conversation between me and her went. *Begin ... - 0 Comments
Misspiss | 29/10/2011
The Dishpitts
I applied for a restaurant job washing dishes. Why? Because I'm a student, I've only ever done labour jobs, and Christmas is around the corner. Ok fine. I go to THREE seperate interviews for this d... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 03/09/2009
Working with these idiots for a couple of years now, and I've let a lot of crap just wash. Their general stupidity has been a daily problem for me, but as long as the business kept moving (although... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 11/07/2009
redundancy :(
Being a secretary it's my responsibility to go through my bosses mail and respond to stuff where I can, but this week I found an email from my bosses boss confirming a list of people being made red... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 09/07/2009
I've lost my job and have to leave the country
I've just been made redundant along with most of the company I was working for, which wouldn't be so bad but without a job my visa isn't valid which means I have to leave the country (Australia) an... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 25/06/2009
The company I worked for got too big and had friends hire incompetent friends in at the senior management level. Suffice to say we got too big and didn't achieve much. Am now having to take volu... - 0 Comments
starmama | 15/04/2009
Fired by Ms. Crabbutt for bold letters
I'm on a BADHAP roll the last five months - it goes like this: I landed a great job (or so I thought) beating out 30 applicants for an administrative assistant job working for a regional grant... - 1 Comment
abalone_girl | 02/04/2009
The deal gone bad
I was 22 and in-between jobs. I took a job working at a feed mill that produced animal feed. I was working the desk taking orders from local companies and local people. A gentleman arrived one day... - 2 Comments
coco | 28/03/2009
this totally sucks
I had a 10 minute meeting scheduled with my resident director. A 10 minute meeting is meant to cover anything we have on our minds or how we are doing with our self paced training. I worked as a R... - 1 Comment
Being made redundant AGAIN!!!
I have Recently been told i am being made redundant due to the company i work for not doin too well, i couldnt believe it , Not Again this is the second time in one year. The same thing happened in... - 2 Comments
agarwal.abhay | 29/12/2008
worst day of my life
I did my B.Tech from Top most institute of my country and got job with my dearm company IBM.I worked hard.I swear I never worked so hard.IT industry was facing some kind of recession.One day I hear... - 2 Comments
wandede | 26/12/2008
I got fired before the Christmas Eve
Hey there ? I definitely perceive myself as a loser now ,nonono ,should be more than a loser.On Dec23rd I was asked to the HR office and I was told "Hey ,you are fired and please leave this company... - 0 Comments
starmama | 09/12/2008
I got laid off 16 before Christmas
I was so thrilled to walk in to this place out of the 50's to walk out with a job 6 weeks ago! I cried on the way home, so relieved to have a job! Only to quickly find out that I couldn't afford ... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 08/12/2008
I got made redundant!
I was working for an online premium network for 6 months and i got made redundant a week ago. I'm feeling sorry for myself but I have pulled my finger out and gone to visit some recruitment consult... - 0 Comments
BHBOY | 07/07/2008
Pop This
i'd been workin at a cinema chain for 2 years, one of those casual jobs where you make a bunch of tight friends and you're yappin all the time and texting and shit but the SECOND one of you leaves ... - 0 Comments
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