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by : Anonymous | written on :03/09/2009 | permalink


I lost my job

Working with these idiots for a couple of years now, and I've let a lot of crap just wash. Their general stupidity has been a daily problem for me, but as long as the business kept moving (althought slowly), I've just treated it as a day job and kept my head done. You know it pays the bills and allows me to enjoy my evening.

So, a couple of years down the line being a somewhat quiet employee and staying out of trouble and I get fired because I had to leave an hour early - to see my unwell girlfriend.

Every other fucker disapears for hours to have dentist appointments, haircuts, buying birthday presents. YOU KNOW, SHIT THAT COULD BE DONE IN THEIR OWN TIME.


I should sue.

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2009/09/04 09:42 - Cris writes:
You really should man!
Are you really sure this is due to leaving 1 hour earlier?
No other cause?
2009/09/04 10:06 - Badhap victim writes:
I reckon it is cos times are hard, i'm not the cool guy and they are just using it to get rid of me. arses.

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