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I was involved in a car accident

6 people have been shaken
Blanklighter | 18/02/2015
I love crashing cars
I rolled my boyfriends car with a heavy trailer on the back. Went down a culvet and back up again and through a barb wire fence. Rode the trailer off and the car spent 6 weeks getting repaired. Aft... - 0 Comments
BHBOY | 09/08/2009
i'm drivin in the melbs CBD tonight with my woman and headed towards a red light. notice the car in front of me has stopped at the lights in the MIDDLE of the road, like one half on either lane. i ... - 2 Comments
BHBOY | 28/01/2009
losin my crash virginity...
it's the first week of driving in my first car and i'm takin three of my buds to our basketball game, feeling like a real-life fully grown adult and all that. pull up to the lights to take a right ... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 14/07/2008
I was on the back of my mate's 125, (we'd both had several pints), he decided to overtake a car just as it turned right. We hit the car side-on, my knee smashed into the petrol flap and I rolled... - 0 Comments
Hapless Harriet | 08/07/2008
Bad Smash
One night at a party in the middle of nowhere in the country, not long after I first got my license, I had a fight with my boyfriend and decided to go home. Not the best time to decide this as I w... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 07/07/2008
I was in 2nd gear
I was at uni, on campus, and I had just got my car and licence. I was driving with my friend in the car and the windscreen fogged up. The car was so new I didn't know where the hell the demister ... - 0 Comments
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