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by : NUKE6715 | written on :06/01/2009 | permalink


I was ripped off

Correction & update of "Cowboys Western World" rips off my child.


"Cowboys Western World" "Susanne Mitchell" Innocent!

Owners wife was not aware of managers mistake. Don Mitchell is the store owner .He was very upset at the way we were treated at his store "Cowboys Western World" Upon discovery of the information Don Mitchell immediately contacted me , he was shocked to discover what had occurred.

Owner Don Mitchell immediately took care of problem.He is a fair man.

Due to the exposure of this offense the real truth has emerged.

The woman that ripped of my child was the store manager of "Cowboys Western World". The true owner Don Mitchell was not aware of what took place. Upon discovering what happened Don Mitchell immediately contacted me and took care of everything.

The store manager told me there was no one to change her decision as I asked her to speak with someone that would evaluate the problem , someone with the authority to override the store policy of no returns on the opened box no exchange rule. She replied she was the one in charge of the store and she was not making any exceptions. I assumed she was the owner.

I checked online to find the name of the owner of "Cowboys Western World" I found a grand opening article listing Don Mtchell and his wife Susanne. I assumed Susanne was the one that was so cruel to us , refusing to believe my daughter did not damage the horse and accusing me of lying ,covering or her.I was enraged as this woman took what was planned to be a special day out with my daughter and I and turned it into a nightmare.I plastered Susanne's name all over the Internet , accusing her of stealing from a child. I was as horrified as she was when Susann emailed me with the truth.It was not her but only a paid employee with the title store manager. This was a severe injustice to Susanne, I accept full responsibility for accusing her . I sincerely apologize to Susann Mitchell. She does not work at her husbands store. Her husband had no clue what went on. The manager had no authority to act in this unprofessional controlling manner. Don and Susann Mitchell are good people,Susann assured me this will not happen to anyone else, Don Mitchell is very concerned with customer complaints and welcomes customer problems. Cowboys Western World located in plant city Fl. has turned out to be a very fair business, anyone with problems see Don Mitchell personally , he will fix them. As for Susann , I am so sorry, hopefully she will find it in her heart to forgive me.None of this would have happened if the store manager had used proper management conduct and contacted Don Mitchell for advice instead of taking it upon herself to override store policy. From my understanding the rule of not being able to return a Breyers horse if opened is not true, being just a story made up by the manager. I think Don Mitchell has enlightened the manager of "Cowboys Western World" her limitations of rule making and customer relations. I am hopeful he has enlightened the manager of the damage to the stores reputation she has caused by her overstepping her authority boundaries and her rude, unprofessional treatment of customers. I feel this type of conduct will not be tolerated or repeated at "Cowboys Western World".I am hopeful the manager has received a bit of training in the field of public relations, proper store policy and proper management conduct including decision limitations and owner notification when serious issues are involved.Thank you Don Mitchell for correcting this problem.

Terri Wolfe

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