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by : vesparider | written on :31/08/2008 | permalink

Hellbow room

I was ripped off

A colleague leaving do and we decide to have a few games at pool at the Elbow Room in westbourne park. Ring to book a table and they said no need to book, so fair enough wait till half five after work and then get everyone together for a good night of drinks together with af few pool games...

Once in the elbow it was 12 of us so we ask for 2 tables for 2 hours.. The reply was... sorry it is not possible to book for two hours so you will have to cope with 2 tables one hour each.. At that stage I thought... sounds a bit silly as I could easily get one of the 12 people name on the list to book another table just in an hour time... but hey nevermind... in the end we are out for a laugh and we don't need to spoil it..

Leave my tab on and get playing and luckily I even manage to win a game.. I am loving it..

After the hour we were not able to get another table so we decide to make a move and obvioulsy to get my creadit card back.. So pay the bill and oh oh... guess what.. the man is charging me for 3 hours on the pool table... after all the bits he had said about no more than an hour on the table.. now he is insisting we have played 3 hours overall..

It could have been a genuine mistake... but it can easily be interpreted like someone is trying not only to take the piss but also another 12 quid extra off your pocket.. (that's right 12 quid an hour!!!)

Needless to say.. I refused to pay the extra hour that I had never played and needless to say... I have not been back at the place since..

I now go to a place near Victoria station where you use tokens to play so no risks of confrontations and I can forget

about the Hellbow Room...

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