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by : tigs | written on :18/11/2009 | permalink


I was ripped off

Used this company because of my low income to sign up to get help with my diabetic supply. They charged me a fee for membership, and first month of medication. I was told by Freddie that after receiving the paperwork that I had 30 days to cancel my membership, only because I wanted to read the papers myself, so I got the paperwork and canceled the same week, sent the papers back, certified like I was suppose to, but they said I was not entitled to any of my money back, I never received any services from these people, They are a rip off, do not trust them.

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2009/11/18 17:20 - peter writes:
Surely there is someone you can complain to? a regulatory board or something? contact montel williams... he supports these crooks.
2009/11/19 17:40 - murphdjs writes:
Also, surely you should read the paperwork before you sign stuff and hand money over - there's always the small print...

Still have a crack at getting the money back though, good luck!

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