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by : ladefase122 | written on :06/08/2009 | permalink


I went on the most awful date

I went on a date with a guy at school. First I had to take the bus to his house then his car doors were rusted shut so I had to climb in through the trunk then it breaks down so we had to take his bike which I had to pedal most of the way. After going to a scary movie which he screamedd like a girl we went to mcdonalds which he paid for his food with a coupon and i had to pay for my own. I dont think there will be a second date

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2010/01/13 17:13 - alfakid writes:
and its because all dates are not suppose to be fun...
be honest ok? he deserve a little thankx.
2010/08/28 03:54 - parichoghok writes:
Wow dates always excite me. I love bad dates so much. They tell me I am a better person than most of the people.

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