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by : Kelly | written on :02/08/2008 | permalink


I've been dumped

My bf of 8 years, 8 YEARS! has just dumped me. I thought he was the one, but I guess 8 years with no proposal should have told me otherwise. He says there's no one else but I don't believe him because in the last 6 months he's been spending a lot more time with "work" and "mates".

We were living together but he's left to stay with his friend "Matt" until we sort things out. I'm so FURIOUS!...I think I might leave all his crap out in the front yard.

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2008/10/30 03:44 - moh writes:
sorry about this , it is ur fault though to have such long relationship without any commitment , sorry gain , wish you find the best soon
2008/11/01 13:18 - peter writes:
I disagree with moh, a relationship doesn't need any wedding shaped commitment to keep a relationship together.
2008/12/11 02:11 - Brittani writes:
that is terrible
2009/03/09 14:41 - bribri12 writes:
that is terrible, im sorry.
2009/03/22 14:39 - timalo writes:
8 years s a lot gvin hm yoself you should hve noticed warning signs,dnt b that furious talk to him h has astory h must tell you
2009/07/29 10:43 - jimutha writes:
well well come to my world girl, i have same story with me ex girlfriend i had spend 7 years with her finally she left me . may be some time they just don't know how much we were worth for them and what they had lost . may be one day they will realize may be not . anyway good luck and find some one new who will really mean for you .
2009/10/13 12:07 - accidentprone88 writes:
if its souly ur place, do it.
2009/11/16 04:37 - shazia writes:
hey u shd hav moved away from him long wont work out with him trust me i hav experience jus forget him even if it takes 8 months.such guys are meant to be left alone .soon ur prince will cum ur way dont worry.u ll meet the right person.

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