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I've been dumped

38 people are suddenly single
Anonymous | 14/01/2014
I need help.. it's a bit complicated. I just came out a few years ago, and I've been having trouble finding a boyfriend. I wouldn't say I was desperate but after 16 years of hiding, you want to find som... - 0 Comments
shylloe | 18/06/2013
Stupid Teen Boys
before you read this just know im not paying attention to punctuation and capital letters: So this guy we'll call him jackass, was my first love. yeah I know im only a teen but I really loved him. ... - 0 Comments
ButterflyLioness | 26/01/2013
I've been dumped.
We were together eight months. Very much in love. He proposed to me, and we were planning to get married and start a family this year. He went on a week long trip to visit family in India, and em... - 2 Comments
Trini-Boo | 02/07/2011
I hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i ws with this guy i thought he was rlly cool so we started goin out n one day i got a msg on fb n it says that i cant do this i think its better we jus go our seperate ways wtf n 1 week after i... - 0 Comments
kristenpoole | 17/03/2011
You don't deserve me, but I deserve you.
Two weeks ago the guy I was seeing said he didn't wanna be with me because of his age, He's 18 and I'm 16, anyways I think he said it out of anger, because before that he said it was fine.. But aft... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 16/01/2011
Yep my life sucks.
I have been dumped by every boyfriend I have ever had. My first boyfriend was freshman year, I was 13 and didn't really have an idea of what was going on. So when he dumped me I took it real hard. ... - 1 Comment
lukeimyafada | 15/06/2010
Guess What Im Dumped Again
I Was At Collonades During The Beginning Of Lunch And I Saw An Old Friend From Year 9 So We Went Around Collonades And Then I Get Back And See My Now Ex-Girlfriend Went And Hooked Up With A Boy Ca... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 11/06/2010
Guess What
I Was At School And Apparantly I Looked Down Someones Top And Now Everyones Pissed Off With Me So What The Hell Do I Do Because I Looked At The Top Not Down It And I Still Love My Girlfriend And Wo... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 14/05/2010
don't know what to do
yea i've been dumped. I just don't know how to fix it. One moment i'm talking with her... then suddenly were not talking much to each other anymore.(about a year now). There's also nothing much to ... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 16/11/2009
he treats me like his punch bag
evrything was fine in life till this really cute guy suddenly started hanging out more wit me n my frnds.then he went in for the kill. he proposed to me ,we went out and became a couple.... - 4 Comments
appy | 12/11/2009
Can anybody tell me y?
A very strange thing happened with me recently.. Five months back i met this guy for marriage. The meeting was arranged by our family through some matrimonial site. We liked each other in course of... - 3 Comments
littleone | 23/10/2009
i am the only one
me and valentin met 2 months before we got together and we would be really good friends and we would have lots of fun then we started to fall in love and i found out that he's hanging around with m... - 2 Comments
lukeimyafada | 23/10/2009
Worst Day Of My Life
I was at school with my girlfriend and my girlfriend got questioned by a girl called caitlen who i don't get along with and she said so why do you go out with a liar i got angry and said go away... - 4 Comments
cringing_lizzie | 01/10/2009
One-liner idiot
Today, I was talking and joking with my boyfriend. He said "Hey wanna hear a joke?" I said "Yes." He said, "Our relationship." and walked away. He seriously dumped me through a one-liner! - 4 Comments
sara | 21/08/2009
He called me his princess..
Well, all it took was one day! he called me and asked me out, just like that, he said he really liked me from da first time he saw me, but couldn't ask me out cause he is not good at this..! any wa... - 8 Comments
Anony_mous | 13/08/2009
Hurt Because of my own mistakes
I have been out with someone for 2 years. We really love each other,we were so much engaged in our relationship. We were planning to get get things serious after our studies. Before joining univers... - 6 Comments
Anonymous | 10/08/2009
Men=Mental+Egoistic+Never Clever!!
well,this guy whom I met on internet,and its more like a long distance relationship that is still going on around two months,and we have shared almost all the things in our life,and he seemed to be... - 2 Comments
seroney | 03/08/2009
I loved this gal so much
we were together for 8 months...I met this gal at college by the way I'm at university...she was joining 1st year and i was going 2nd year. we became friends and then lovers like two weeks into the... - 3 Comments
chxtina14 | 24/07/2009
It's hell to be dumped
this guy dumped me because i am too close to my friends. he didn't want me to hang out with them. But i still did. only to find out that one of my guy friends has a hidden desire for me. Twas too l... - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 17/07/2009
Cant get my life back on track
I met this guy and had a relationship here in internet in almost 1 year. At first of the relationship we been good, byt this past 2 months hes bein mean to me. And he started dumping over and over ... - 5 Comments
Anonymous | 15/07/2009
I still loving her..
Hi, i love this girl named MissHuenny. . . Very nice name right? ? 0k, let's start...(sorry for my bad english/grammar) This one day i was sitting during reccess in school.. I just felt like so... - 5 Comments
Anonymous | 25/06/2009
what should I do????
hi to all, few months before I felt in love with one of my best friend. I have never thought that I am going to fall in love with him. I start to fall over him when one day I saw that he was looki... - 7 Comments
zaff | 23/06/2009
i was 16 when i know him and that was the first time i ever love someone.we've been messaging thru phones and email.we had only seen twice since he live far in another state.we don't really date ac... - 1 Comment
Forrest | 18/06/2009
Girl fail
We r jus friends but I want to be more than friends but I'm afraid of embarissing myself because she's really popular n she always like these guys that sound jus like me. I try to hint it but she j... - 1 Comment
gabu | 08/06/2009
online love affair dissappointments
Please i need a little care, a little understanding, i am still feeling a little down but will get over it. It all started on friend i screened pretty well those who are interested on me... - 4 Comments
abandon | 08/06/2009
Why do guys do this?
okay, it has to be another chica, it just has too. I can not seem to come up of with any other reasons, why he wpuld dump me and be so heartless and cold about??!!?? This is how it all went... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 02/06/2009
i was dumped last night
i was with my ex for 4 years and our relationship was on and off and he was a very posessive person. He did not like me hanging out with a few colleagues but i continued doing it as our relationshi... - 6 Comments
attabra4 | 23/05/2009
i feel sad
i fall in love with a lady 4 years ago,but in the middle of love sea battle she call it quit and go in for a new one. - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 20/05/2009
My ex-boyfriend and I were in a pretty good "stable" relationship. The Sadie Hawkins dance was coming up and we already had made plans on what we were going to wear and were pretty excited about it... - 2 Comments
butterfly13 | 18/05/2009
my bad break up
hi im 13 years old and i was dating this boy for 8 months we did everything except sex and then one day he dumps me for this 1 preppy girl named kara and the only reason she likes him is cause i da... - 3 Comments
SAMURAI | 01/05/2009
Ooooooooh Stella
I'm found of saying bad things to myself because the things that happen to me.But anytime i broke with one of my girlfriends something bad happens to me.I fell in love with my classmate and life... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 17/04/2009
What a loser...
So, my boyfriend and I broke up. Our relationship was difficult at times because of our busy schedules, but I nevertheless made the effort to work things out. The day he dumped me, I went to th... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 16/03/2009
Bad bad wkend. So it all begins with my stalker ex boyf (who i broke up with 2 years ago) cut both the wing mirrors off my car-bastard! And I was dumped by my latest boyf! who I really liked! We r ... - 5 Comments
lsb | 26/02/2009
not really, but we broke up
he: I'm afraid I don't have any good ideas. me: sorry. you seem to ignore or not understand what i talk.i am not asking for ideas, i would like a little care, atention and understanding he: Well,... - 4 Comments
Day Z | 11/02/2009
What The...
After four great years together, recent discussions about buying a coastal or bush getaway property, a month of planning a great trip to South Australia and four days after booking a cage dive with... - 6 Comments
myjetfast | 17/12/2008
My Sad Love
Hi.My sad love story started through first I got mail from him MAY2008 so my love started with him. His parent demand dowry 10 Lacs but we unable to give huge amount so again I ... - 4 Comments
Brittani | 11/12/2008
fire drill tragedy
my ex and i were only together for about two months, and then the last week that we were together he had been acting kind of strange. then in the hall he tried to talk to me but i just kind of igno... - 4 Comments
Kelly | 02/08/2008
My bf of 8 years, 8 YEARS! has just dumped me. I thought he was the one, but I guess 8 years with no proposal should have told me otherwise. He says there's no one else but I don't believe him be... - 8 Comments
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