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by : sara | written on :21/08/2009 | permalink

He called me his princess..

I've been dumped

Well, all it took was one day! he called me and asked me out, just like that, he said he really liked me from da first time he saw me, but couldn't ask me out cause he is not good at this..! any way, we started dating for two months, he made feel like a real princess, he had a special nickname for me, he called me like every hour a day, he really filled in the emotional gap i have, i dont want to make it long with details..but he made me like him even more, we would talk about everything, for hours and hours...the last phone call was amazing, see the LAST ONE, then he stopped calling, all of a sudden! i called him and he didnt reply...and thats it, he just stopped, what really hurts is that he didnt give any closure, any proper excuse, if he lost interest, wouldn't u at least be a gentlman and tell it to my face!! i think this is the worse way to end a relationship, i am really hurt, i cant even cry! all i keep thinking about is where did i go wrong! my self esteem went to rock bottom thanks to him...i dont know how to gather myself, i am a real mess now

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2009/08/24 03:54 - brokenheart writes:
i know how it feels my last relationship was the same as this one .. he asked me out told me that he loved me since de first time we met and that he had never felt the same with any other girls then a month later he broke up with me two days before my birthday .. now ive learned my lesson ... never trust anyone for 100% .. any thing could happen in life .. nothing could stay the same forever ... i know its hard but try not to think about him .. try to keep urself busy .. ull get over him soon
2009/08/25 23:19 - sara writes:
yeah i guess. but the thing is that i have to see him around sometimes as he lives near by, plus he is still in my friends list, and im not sure what is da right thing to do! delete him, i would sound desperate, or leave it there and casue more pain!
2009/08/27 23:56 - brokenheart writes:
we live in the same area , go to the same college , a friend of mine whos also doing the same course as i am is his best friend ( and we knew eachother through her ) nd hes stil in my friends list .. but it doesn bother me much , i just dont go on his page anymore .. but if you think its hurting you delete him from your list , its not a big deal really .. but at least you wont feel as painful and its like ur tellin him how much he was hurting you and that you dont want to talk to him ever again
2009/08/28 13:25 - WanAn writes:
deja vu cept it was the girl she thinks im too sensitive for her so she broke up with me but who gives a dam we're better without them theyll meet sumeone who gona make them feel wat we went thru....but in the mean time if u wan tips on how to get over him try meditating find a really silent place (like out in the forest or countryside) or take all that despair and anger and turn it into poetry...u get lots of inspiration in writing poetry wen ur at ur lowest and once u get going u should forget
2009/08/28 13:27 - WanAn writes:
him in no time and be able to move on but wenever u see him dont talk to him unless he speak to u first and just say hi and walk away it shows ur better thn that and he isnt gonna keep u down...
2009/10/13 11:18 - accidentprone88 writes:
aww. he didn't deserve u anyway. he's a spineless bastard. don't care about what that douchebag thinks. delete his ass.
2009/11/16 03:53 - shazia writes:
the same thing happened to me girl!sum guys are like dat weird and ruthless.but not all are the same.i know so many of my friend's boyfrnds who r really caring throughout .so jus wait till the right one cums along.i know its tough to do n easy to say but jus go on, ,get a makeover, try looking gorgeous and next time don giv urself to a guy like dat judge him over a period of a few months.all happens for the good wen things don work out it only means God has an even better idea.
2010/08/25 04:35 - parichoghok writes:
I blieve in the idea of guys need to rest time to time. They break off with you (thanks God in your occasion he hasn't), but don't worry. he just needs his time. just a short time of depression is enough for him to stop all his connections he had. Don't start talking with him but be sure he will come back. It may take long, and this is only you who should decide wether it does worth or not. ;) Don't stop thinking about him. He is not too far

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