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by : Anonymous | written on :20/05/2009 | permalink


I've been dumped

My ex-boyfriend and I were in a pretty good "stable" relationship. The Sadie Hawkins dance was coming up and we already had made plans on what we were going to wear and were pretty excited about it. I never mentioned I was going to ask him to keep it a surprise.

The following week I put up a huge sign across the quad that said "SADIES?" I had spent the beginning of lunch putting it up so I had to go look for him and bring him over. When I saw him he told me that he's glad I was there, he needed to talk to me. I told him I did too. He told me that it was urgent and I said that this was urgent too. I took him to the quad (his back was to the sign so he didn't know what was going on yet) and said "Okay, me first!" and he said "No! Seriously. This is important" At the same time I turned him around and said "Will you go to Sadies with me?" he said "I think we need to break up." In front of the already forming crowd. He said a quick sorry, took one look at the sign and walked away.

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2009/10/13 11:45 - accidentprone88 writes:
ugh! brutal!!! man that's terrible. i can't even say anything clever or uplifting here. highschool will be over sooner than you think and the world is marvelous! you'll find somone new and amazing one day, but first you just have to get a few trial and errors under your belt.
so don't let this experience taint you.
2010/08/25 05:36 - parichoghok writes:
I think you must considet it over. Don't think he is a savage,cold, disgusting, devil guy with no heart. You pushed him although you were unaware. I am truly sorry about the whole thing and hope you the best.

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