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I've been robbed

4 people are missing their possessions
Anonymous | 20/08/2012
bastard people!
Staying at my boyfriends house - I left my laptop in his room well hidden under clothes etc (his huge screen and other stuff standing around on display) a bastard walks in the property while everyo... - 1 Comment
sarahnewark | 28/07/2009
i brought a roof box for my car as we were going away and need more room in car i brought it from fasteronline .com they were great at first they took payment and said i could have free delivery th... - 0 Comments
murphdjs | 15/09/2008
Some arsehole purloined my bag!!!
Was at the pub a few weeks ago, put my bag down in the collective pile, turned away for one bloody second and some fucker made it off with my laptop bag!!! Jokes on them though. Was only a coupl... - 2 Comments
vesparider | 31/08/2008
Train from naples to florence
Got to the train station on my way to Florence. check the queue for tickets and it is massive, so have a good look around the station and find one of those self service ticket machine. Buy a ticket... - 0 Comments
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