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by : suchaloser | written on :15/08/2009 | permalink

Crappy times.

I've never been so embarrassed

I am such a loser (seriously i have horrible luck) that I have many, many stories to share with you all...

Picture this im 15 years old, a young lady enjoying life. (At the time its 5yrs later)

My grandmother had 20 grandchildren: 15 girls, 5 boys, 2 of which are my brothers. So i have 3 guy cuznz, and 14 girl cuznz.

The girls decided we should have a sleep over at the oldest ones house... I had gotten a phone call to be invited on my cell phone since i had been out of town visiting my dad near the mexican border. I was on my way home after dinner with my dad in mexico at a little taco truck stop.

I arrived home at 8pm sharp and 2 of my cusins were already there waiting for me to make sure i would go they wanted us all to get together for fun and laughs (I have a very loving family oriented family) I agreed, packed some clothes and other necessities, we drove the 4 blocks down my house and we began playing games, watching movies and laughing. Great times.

We headed of for bed at 3am, at around 5am I was very drowsy tired and sleepy but i was awaken because my stomach was churning. I went back to sleep and i was farting through out the night i could feel my loud farts and they were warm. I thought my cusinz are out cold cause they cant hear me!

At around 6 am i have to go diarreah really badly as i uncover my sheets i discovered my so called farts were CRAP! I had crapped not farted and i still had to go, I run to the bathroom while dripping a trail! I sit in the toilet and blast away, i beging moaning for dear life and my aunt is awaken. She opens the door and discovers the dripped on floor, and carpet, she looks at me tells me to finish up and shower. I try but im dizzy and can barely talk. i manage to wipe myself up try to pick up the mess, and stumble into the spare bedroom and grab my thing (I wanted to run home from shame!) She comes in and asks me if I need a doctor? (She was tryng to ignore the fact her home smelled like S**t!) And as i try to say no, Vomit comes flying out of my mouth this seemed to go on forever until she manages to get me in her car and drive me home so my mom can take me to the ER all my bodily fluids are coming out by then and im dehydrating. When we get there im told i have food poisining, NO REALLY!

So they give me meds and i get to go home, where i have 14 cousins laughing their asses off at me, not a warm welcome!

And an aunt that is crying that she needs to have her carpets washed and has to toss out the mattress i slept on. I still cant live it down till this day, We do laugh about it, but eats me up inside. However i shared this story with my exboyfriend when we were dating, and he said "It wasnt your fault must have been the tacos"

Truth be told that is what i had eaten till this day i dont eat anything from a taco truck, nor do i spend the night anywhere else but my own home!

More to come....

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2009/08/15 21:50 - Kelly writes:
Haha that's hilarious. Thanks for sharing, can't wait for the next story
2009/08/16 06:51 - suchaloser writes:
omg, thanks. I cant tell you for sure the rest will be funnier, but this one was anyway. That day was a nightmare for me, especially when i got home to find them all here waiting my arrival to laugh!
2009/08/28 13:35 - WanAn writes:
not to sound racist or anything but TACOS ARE NEVER SAFE TO EAT
2009/09/27 14:36 - nikdawg1 writes:
ha ha funny bitch
2013/04/24 01:27 - DonJuan465 writes:
I have a similar story!

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