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I've never been so embarrassed

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polkmiddleschool2010 | 16/12/2014
Dumbest Thing I Ever Said
In high school, my best friend had a girlfriend in the grade above us. I wanted to be friends with her but she didn't talk much so it wasn't easy. When I did talk to her though, her sense of humor ... - 0 Comments
Anna255 | 02/11/2014
Stupid drinking game....
Past week I downloaded an Android game called " Memes Drinking Game " and tried it with some friends. At the end of the game we were so drunk that I dont remember anything more. Next morning I woke... - 0 Comments
ParrotfishJ | 01/09/2014
Awkward friends moment ...
Some time ago a friend of mine was staying in my place . Later in evening we decided to head to the bar, and have a good night . After few hours Chicken (not a real name of course )decided he... - 0 Comments
ParrotfishJ | 01/09/2014
After 20 minutes of waiting ...
When i first arrived in Boracay . I was on a dating site .And i got a message saying : " Hi im on Boracay ,do you wanna meet ! " "Sure " i responded So we arranged to meet at the restaurant . I... - 0 Comments
ParrotfishJ | 01/09/2014
Celebrity - Ice Bucket guy ...
I was planning to go to Boracay and contacted some locals for the couch surfing . I decided not to stay in their place , but meet up he guys any-ways . So in the evening when i arrived we met up... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 05/07/2014
The day my dress fell down.
I went over my cousins house for a nice dinner party. There were 5 boys and 7 girls. We all sat in a circle and decided to play truth or dare. My girl cousin dared me to do the chicken dance and ju... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 13/05/2014
Boob grab
God so today in math we were in art using the dark room and some of us had art next so we stayed back. And one guy went to the dark room, and his friend locked him in. So I came over and said let m... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 20/02/2014
A prank call from a girl
So I was sitting in my room a little drunk when a girl calls me. At first I didn't catch her name as the sound was a bit fuzzy but still I tried to sympathize with her. She started talking about se... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 19/02/2014
Most embarrassing ticket ever
My boyfriend and I are a little...adventurous. We enjoy doing stuff in public just for the thrill. It's usually nothing too crazy. He grabs my butt, rubs in between my legs, looks down my pants or ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 01/12/2013
headgear *shudders*
I wasn't what you'd call popular in high school I had friends but I wasn't popular at all. During the summer I got braces in my second year of high school! I also had headgear I had to wear it 24/7... - 0 Comments
SamanthaKrishnan | 25/08/2013
At last...
In my high school in 12th i was made the sports captain since i was a gold medalist in swimming....I had a crush on a guy from 10th,even though i talked to him..i never told i like him.He was a fit... - 1 Comment
CYROS | 22/08/2013
Nozhanpolymer?right story
i would complain of nozhanpolymer competitors NozhanPolymer company is growing up very fast as one of the main manufcaturers and exporters in iran,they are a very young but successful company and ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 22/08/2013
complaint of Nozhanpolymer competitors
i would complain of nozhanpolymer competitors NozhanPolymer company is growing up very fast as one of the main manufacturer and exporters in iran,they are a very young but successful company and w... - 0 Comments
anna | 26/07/2013
thanks to dr paul
I want to thank Dr. PAUL for helping me through the worst times of my life, for being such a great spell caster, and for giving me a love spell that has brought me so much joy by bringing my boy fr... - 0 Comments
jhon | 12/07/2013
I am going to kill my self
Today i wrote to my friend via skype abou the best toilet visit in my life.First i took a huge shit and pee and then i masturbated and shaved my pubic hair.I wrote this and then he told me that his... - 0 Comments
pamelas8724 | 18/06/2013
My crush half naked
My crush was going through my phone when he decided to watch a video of me dancing in a tank top that showed my cleavage. He watched about half of it before he decided to tell me what he was watchi... - 0 Comments
varun | 23/05/2013
I'll never play Cricket again
Usually, with my friends i go to playground to play Cricket.But i don't like fielding .since one may drop an catch or could not able to block the ball may run to boundaries causes huge embarrassmen... - 0 Comments
DonJuan465 | 24/04/2013
Dress Disaster
Let me paint the picture for you: Imagine an awkward, chubby, frizzy short haired, short 8th grade girl. That was me. I had to hustle to my history class- to which I was late & already in a hor... - 0 Comments
DonJuan465 | 22/04/2013
Guess again!
So, one time I was in my history class & I had a not ugly guy teacher (lol) & a girl assistant teacher. We were playing a study game where you get asked a question & you & your grou... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 31/03/2013
Diaper disaster
I'm 11 and I wear diapers to bed and one night my crush came over to ask me to be his girlfriend but I had no clue so he knocked on my door and (me thinking it was my mom) said come in and he saw ... - 0 Comments
smugledbrandy | 26/02/2013
janitors suck
so i was on vacation in new york city and i met this girl we started talking and drinking coffee. we made an agreement to meet each other at the pool after it closes to go skinny dipping. we did bu... - 0 Comments
jesika_chapis13 | 25/01/2013
I slipped!
I had been waiting for the shuttle at school for at least 15 minutes. Got on & it wasn't until I was getting off, telling my roommate (who was driving the shuttle) that I would see her later. I... - 0 Comments
devaarth | 19/12/2012
Chaste our soul!!
i dn kno wat to say? i feel sooooooo small today,i cant explain. i mean a girl of my age, my sister's status, my mother's nature has departed taking nthn but a hell of an incident to her grave. a g... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 01/12/2012
worst doctor appointment ever
I had to recieve a physical for my dance program as part of the signing up. My regular doctors office is under construction so i went to another office. I assumed all it would be would be the reg... - 2 Comments
smugledbrandy | 24/11/2012
the lost bet
i lost a bet playing a video game and i had to dress like a french maid and serve drinks and food. the fench maid dress was complete with a thong bra fake boobs stockings high heels all out make up... - 0 Comments
smugledbrandy | 19/11/2012
why i hate public affection
so me and this girl that i love were in town just hanging out not really doing anything. we decided to play truth or dare. when all of the sudden one of the foot ball players saw us. i picked dare ... - 0 Comments
smugledbrandy | 03/11/2012
revenge is good
btw did i ever tell you that the reason jake and i dont get along is because he's on the football team and i'm on the ice hockey team. at my school there is a huge rivalry between our sports teams ... - 0 Comments
smugledbrandy | 24/10/2012
jake returns
one day i was at the fair grounds for this horse race. it just so happens that jake was also there. he pulled me to these porta potties were he striped me completly naked and tied me up so good i c... - 0 Comments
funkypandagirl | 19/10/2012
Nude in front of everyone!
I was at school after a soccer game taking a shower in the change rooms. Well one of the girls on the team had an ex boyfriend who I am currently dating and she is really mad at me for this. She de... - 1 Comment
Heyitsmaddie | 11/09/2012
So embaressed
Ok so I'm in seventh grade and today I had my period and I wore a pas to school and I guess it was really heavy because I bled through my pants and I didn't even know until the end of school and wh... - 0 Comments
thatkid450 | 03/08/2012
why me
I was 11 and I was caught outside naked by my neighbor and she is 27 and a girl. My butt cheeks were red and I cried. She saw my thing - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 27/07/2012
sis wedgie
i wa playing wih my friends a game of dares when my sister and her friend came in and spoilt it they kept wedgieing me and they even showed my friends in school it was totally embarasing.all my fr... - 0 Comments
smugledbrandy | 01/07/2012
bad cow
i got dared to kiss a cows ass and it took a shit on my face the next dare i had to wash it off using cow uriane witch they ten dared me to wash off with toilet water - 0 Comments
purplepanda | 12/06/2012
I have this huge rivalry on one of the cheerleaders at my school. We have been enemies for as long as I could remember, and now that she's a cheerleader and I'm a popular soccer girl we get into a ... - 0 Comments
funkymonkeygirl | 12/05/2012
Forgot your clothes?
I am a teenager. And well, let's just say I've had a lot of embarrassing moments due to teenage problems. You know, boys, brother, bikini's, enemies. The list goes on and on. But in this Badhap I h... - 1 Comment
LOLgirl | 07/05/2012
Nude in front of boys!!!!!
One time I went to the beach with my entire summer camp. It was tons of fun until we needed to change from out bathing suits into or regular clothes again. It turned out that the only changing room... - 0 Comments
AppleBottomJeans | 29/04/2012
I was go to the movies to see a movie many readers and some non readers would drag their friends to see nd then tease them if they said they didn't like it. "THE HUNGER GAMES" That's what happed to... - 0 Comments
redpond95 | 25/04/2012
Are you saying i'm fat????
So at school, my friend and i were talking to this guy that sits next to me. my friend has been looking for a job and so this guy said to me and my friend, "well go down to the pool and see if you ... - 0 Comments
DayDreams | 01/04/2012
My experience with dating a celeb soccerplayer.
I met him at this event 'The Golden Shoe' in my hometown. I was lucky to get invited by someone I knew from a long time ago, because this was a invitation-only event, so you couldn't buy tickets to... - 3 Comments
MonicaMassacre1988 | 01/04/2012
hot emo boy
last week or so i went too the store with my mom and sister, i waited in the car with my mom till my sister returned too the car. my mom of course decided too tell my sister, that i thought the bo... - 0 Comments
damselindistress25 | 29/03/2012
Being a Klutz is What I Do Best
For as long as I can remember I've been a klutz. I'm great at bumping into walls or people, tripping over nothing, and saying stupid things when I'm nervous. For many years I had a major crush on... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 25/03/2012
Caught by a Police Officer
It was a really nice summer night, or so my boyfriend and I thought, so we decided to go on a little "moonlight drive" . We have a beat up old 66' Chevelle that I restored, very cool car with unfor... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 25/03/2012
Caught by a Police Officer
It was a really nice summer night, or so my boyfriend and I thought, so we decided to go on a little "moonlight drive" . We have a beat up old 66' Chevelle that I restored, very cool car with unfor... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 25/03/2012
Caught by a Police Officer
It was a really nice summer night, or so my boyfriend and I thought, so we decided to go on a little "moonlight drive" . We have a beat up old 66' Chevelle that I restored, very cool car with unfor... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 25/03/2012
Caught by a Police Officer
It was a really nice summer night, or so my boyfriend and I thought, so we decided to go on a little "moonlight drive" . We have a beat up old 66' Chevelle that I restored, very cool car with unfor... - 0 Comments
flyguyperson | 16/03/2012
Girlfriend Embarresment
Okay, so today I wanted to run to my girlfriend, Keira , and hug her but there was a glass bottle on the floor and I fell and tripped which caused Keira to fall onto the hard rocky ground. She thou... - 0 Comments
GAZZA | 15/12/2011
twice in 1 hour
I have just moved in with my partner, she still has her 21yr. old son living at home. Well about 6.30 in the morning i needed the toilet as everyone was still asleep at that time i thought i would ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 14/12/2011
So I live rent in a housing district that has a homeowner's association. I'm a young single female, and I'm surrounded by nosy old people. They're constantly complaining about me, gossiping about w... - 0 Comments
smugledbrandy | 03/11/2011
i hate jake
i was at a party my girl friend took me to. i didnt know that jake would be there. when i fell asleep he put a bikini on me when i woke up every one was staring i didnt know why but i knew it wasnt... - 4 Comments
Insane_Love | 03/09/2011
i cut my hand! - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 01/09/2011
Tried to hit a bowl from the wrong end
and it wasn't the first time i've smoked a bowl either. everyone was staring at me; i didn't even realize what i was doing... it was horrid. - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 25/08/2011
Mix and Match
I got this totally hot new sweater with jewels on it for my birthday. My boyfriends rotweiler got the same for christmas which I had no idea about. My boyfriend and the dog went to the store where ... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 19/08/2011
eraser sex
I had been seeing this guy for about 3 months( he's now been my boyfriend for almost 3 years)I got ready for work one morning and made sure i looked real cute cause i was going to be seeing him aft... - 0 Comments
klynn11390 | 19/08/2011
Intercourse with an eraser!
When I was 18 years old, I had moved to a new town to go to the college there. I had just got my own apartment living on my own for the first time. One of the first weeks I had lived there I was do... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 18/08/2011
Pee streams
I had a sleepover at my best friends house with two of my BFFs. The girl lives in an apartment with two washrooms. One was plugged and the other was guarded by my friend Alexa who lived there. Josi... - 2 Comments
pinkninja101 | 14/08/2011
Babysitter Bananza
I'm into the babysitting buisness and one of my best customers wanted tO have a sleepover with five of her friends her parents agreed so I said fine. I told her I was going to take a shower she sai... - 1 Comment
Yazmin | 30/07/2011
dont me around your sister and friend
My sister had a friend over & her & my friend took my shirt off & started smacking my boobs & i started crying like crazy & her friends held my hands down & i was topless & my sister said are u wea... - 6 Comments
Yazmin | 30/07/2011
dont pee with door open
I pee with the door open at night because I get scared & my sister went to use the bathroom & turned the light on & saw me & i screamed & she called for my other sister & i went to pull my pants up... - 2 Comments
Yazmin | 30/07/2011
Big bathing suit
I had a bunch of my friends over for a pool party & my sister pushed me in the pool & i just got a new bathing suit it was alittle big & when i pulled myself up to get out my bottom slipped off & i... - 6 Comments
Yazmin | 29/07/2011
dont lie to your sister
I had my boyfriend over & my sister told him I am wearing a thong & i said I am not & i guess it was sticking out my pants alittle & she grabbed it up & yanked it out of my pants & said what do you... - 1 Comment
pinkninja101 | 27/07/2011
Dress up!
I was on my first date with my crush and 4 pf his friends. When we were going home my crush told me he would try the underground way to our house.I told him fine. There was this spot were my crush ... - 2 Comments
pinkninja101 | 26/07/2011
Pee dump
I had to go pee really bad at my house so Jasmine my oldest sister told me ivould use her room (cause everyone was using the other ones) if I went in a cap. I told her fine and I did it in a bowl a... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 25/07/2011
Peeing Play
A few months ago I got the lead role in a school play a circus girl. She had to wear a one peice tight suit so I couldn't go to the washroom while the play is running. On the last night my family w... - 1 Comment
pinkninja101 | 25/07/2011
Shower Sleepover Slumber Spectacular
I was in a shower at my house. My 2 sisters were out and only my oldest sister was home having a sleepover with 5 of her friends. My sister snuck into the shower room and took all my clothes except... - 1 Comment
pinkninja101 | 25/07/2011
Poop, Nood and a Dirty Magic Trick
I was in a show with over 650 people. My sister is this magician freak so I was her volunteer in the show. I had to hold up this huge bowl of dog poop and she would make the poop disapear. I was st... - 2 Comments
pinkninja101 | 25/07/2011
Crush Nood not good
My sisters decided to get me back for a prank I pulled on them so in the middle of the night they stripped me and took me over to my crushes who was sleeping in a tent because he was camping outsid... - 2 Comments
pinkninja101 | 25/07/2011
Megans embarrassing stuff
Hey guys it's Michelle Megans big sister let me tell you about some of her embarrassing things. She has Dora underwear and Elmo underwear She has to wear diapers cause she pees in the night She ... - 2 Comments
pinkninja101 | 25/07/2011
Shower pranks
My sister always takes forever in the shower so one day I wake up early which is really hard for me and sneak into the shower. Ariel doesnt like this so she pulls the fire alarm when I'm in the sho... - 6 Comments
pinkninja101 | 25/07/2011
Sister revenge
I told my sisters crush that she had a crush on him so I was really in for it. She stole all my underwear so I went nood to school with pants and a too. I net my crush by my locker and he came over... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 25/07/2011
Pee or no pee?
It was the 6th grade sleepover we were all sleeping in the library. When I put my stuff by a couch the most popular girl Chloe cones to sit by me and accidentally knocked my things over my hairbrus... - 1 Comment
Yazmin | 22/07/2011
Dont tell friends your a heavy sleeper
I had two friends sleep over & i told them i was really tired so I would probly fall assleep first but they didnt have to go to sleep because i am a heavy sleeper so i wouldnt wake up anyway i feel... - 4 Comments
pinkninja101 | 17/07/2011
Birthday pranks
It was my sister Ariels birthday party. I fell asleep at 1:00 am and they decided to have a little fun with ne. They pushed my hands and feet down and pulled my underwear above my head. They throug... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 12/07/2011
Dora undies super wedgie
I got home from shopping and found these great jeans and I decided to wear them to school the next day.My sisters were sick and tired of my being popular so they cut a whole in the jeans right wher... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 12/07/2011
Towel pranks
I had my first and biggest crush. However I didnt know he liked me and was planning on coming to my house that night... I had a sleepover with my friend Caroline. She's a big pranker but she pro... - 2 Comments
pinkninja101 | 11/07/2011
Naked with Justin beiber!!!!
I went to a Justin beiber concert with my 3 sisters. I fell asleep because I didn't go to bed the other night si my sisters stripped ny clothes then throughout them in the trash and took pics of me... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 11/07/2011
Pantsed play
I was 10 at our school play and I got the lead role. I kept bragging about this to my 3 older sisters because they tried out and didn't get a part. It was opening night and it was time for my first... - 0 Comments
Yazmin | 10/07/2011
Dont fall asleep even with your family
All my family was over my house & I was very tired I fell asleep on the couch my two sisters took my blanket off & my shirt & pants & I was left in my white fruit of the loon underwear they yanked ... - 0 Comments
Yazmin | 10/07/2011
Naked at the pool
I was at a public pool with my one friend who’s a girl & my two other friends who are boys & one was my crush & my bathing suit started to come undone while we were in the pool so I asked my frien... - 9 Comments
Yazmin | 10/07/2011
embarrassing end of the year party
Me(13) & my two sisters(16) were having a huge end of the year party at our house I invited all the girls & boys in my grade & they did the same there was more then like 100 people &... - 4 Comments
Yazmin | 10/07/2011
Ugh my sister
I was swiming in a public pool & I pushed my older sister into the pool not the best idea she grabbed the back of my suit and yanked me out of the pool she gave me a huge weggie & and was holding m... - 1 Comment
pinkninja101 | 09/07/2011
Pool Prank Not funny!!
I was at the outside beach pool. It was the hottest day of the year so there was 300 people there. It was really crowded so me and my two friends quickly jumped in the pool. I went to the on the sl... - 2 Comments
Yazmin | 09/07/2011
Prank back fired!
My sister was having 2 friends over to sleep over my sister was 15 & i was 13 & my sister said not to try anything funny or I would regret it but of course I didnt listen my sister was in the bathr... - 1 Comment
pinkninja101 | 09/07/2011
Cabin nood
My crush and his friends decides to have a little fun with me. My crush my sisters and my crushes friends were invited to stay at a cabin by the lake. So when I was sleeping they crept into my room... - 1 Comment
Trini-Boo | 02/07/2011
OMB worse day ever
my 1st day of high school im totally pump so im walkin n spot this hot guy so i turn wink n walk right into the pole BAM i wanted 2 cry so i jus walked around the school with a big red line comming... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 01/07/2011
I was at the pool today in our town. I really had to pee so i figured why not in the pool? I did and when I walked out people were laughing and pointing. I looked down and realised that my baithing... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 26/06/2011
Grocery Paparazzi
My Stepdad and I were going to go tothe grocery store to get food for the week. I was in my grinch pajama bottoms, my USC sweater, and my hair in a bun. In other words, I didn't look too decent. Bu... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 25/06/2011
The noody prank
It's my sisters again. And this time there prank wad huge! I fell asleep at a pool party in my bikini and all of the people in the school were there other than teachers it was a tradition! Grades 7... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 25/06/2011
My sisters were having a slumber party and I took a shower. I stepped in and started singing. La la la la la! Then 4 hands wrapped around me and pulled me out of the shower. I screamed! They blindf... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 25/06/2011
Pink Pony Underwear Date
Help! I went skating with my crush in jeans and a sparkly side shirt. These jeans were to small for me but they matched my outfit perfectly! So I wore them. I am not the best skater so I fell flat ... - 1 Comment
pinkninja101 | 25/06/2011
Rollerblading into a Toilet
I was rollerblading around the house with my crush and all of a sudden I was slipping forward because of a wet surface in the bathroom and I fell face first into the toilet! To make matters worse i... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 24/06/2011
Naked in public
I pee myself all the time at night. One time I was alone in the house and I went to sleep and peed myself. I slept through it and my friends came in at 6:00 am for our in the morning get together e... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 24/06/2011
NAKED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All my sisters were having a sleepover with 20 of there friends and my parents were out. I had a shower and suddenly they pushed me into the front yard. They grabbed me and slapped me and took pict... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 24/06/2011
Naked Family Reunion
How come all my moments are naked? Oh well! We were having a family reunion at my cousins with over 150 people. It was from both my mother and fathers side so it was really big! 15 aunts and Uncles... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 23/06/2011
My Sisters Pranks
In the summer I sleep only in my white underwear and I'm a girl. My sisters were home so they thought it would be nice to prank me. They went into my room in the middle of the night and did this: F... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 23/06/2011
Mean Girls
There are mean girls at school and once they found me walking home from school. They ordered me to strip my clothes, so I did because they were really scary. I peed cause i was scared and they laug... - 1 Comment
pinkninja101 | 23/06/2011
Naked and Vid taped
I went skinny dipping with my bestie in my pool when no one was at my house. After since I would have the whole night to myself I just wrapped myself in a towel and fell asleep on the front lawn, a... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 23/06/2011
POO and Pee on ME
I was starting school and I decided to wear these really cute white jeans with a pink tank. So I did and it look totally awesome at break I went to my locker by my sisters and this REALLY CUTE GUY!... - 1 Comment
pinkninja101 | 23/06/2011
Naked... again!
My sisters bought me a really cute white bikini so I wore it to my crushes pool party. I did a huge cannon ball into the pool and floated around. Then I went to suntan by my seat and fell asleep. W... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 22/06/2011
Drool? or Cum?
i was in my room when i was 14 and was rely horny, so i tried masturbating for the 1st time. i'd researd how 2 do it on the internet computer in my room . It felt rely gud and when i was climaxing ... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 22/06/2011
Sirup,Wedgies,Pee and Jelly.
I was sleeping and my older sister jasmine and her friends were embarassing me. Since I sleep in only underwear in the summer it was a lot easier for them. They poured jelly down my underwear and m... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 22/06/2011
Naked and Swimming
I went to the beach with a tie bathing suit with my four older sisters and there 5 friends. I fell asleep and when I woke up the waves were great so I went swimming when I came back from the waves ... - 0 Comments
pinkninja101 | 22/06/2011
Naked and Peeing
I was camping with my 3 older sisters and there friends there was a total of 20 teenagers. I wanted to shower badly but there wasnt a shower so late at night a crept into the lake put my clothes on... - 2 Comments
ja253 | 10/06/2011
i crushed my crush
I have been friends with this guys since preschool. So I hadn't seen him in probably 3 or 4 years. I totally forgot him but he never forgot me! He came to me in 7th grade and was all excited to see... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 28/03/2011
Wrongfully Accused
I recently had a moment that made me want to drop out of law school even though I only have a few weeks left. I had just finished jogging and was just getting on the elevator in my apartment build... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 13/03/2011
human shit!
i was happy being with my boyfriend and doing funny and romantic stuff with him, when we were kissing, and cuddling each other i feel so horny that i want some penetration inside me(hehe) and i fee... - 0 Comments
Watrick | 03/01/2011
True colors of Nozhan Polymer Co. Ltd and Khalil Nasr
Nozhan Polymer Co. Ltd and Khalil Nasr are born to cheat companies and individuals all over the world. His company slogan says it all, “Lets take advantage of this opportunity….”, and they literall... - 0 Comments
ashvindu | 26/10/2010
Beware of Jieyang Shengdegu Hardware Co., Ltd.
Jieyang Shengdegu Hardware Co., Ltd.; we were happy to find them as a good supplier for Drawer Slides from our neighboring country China. We ordered 1 full container upfront as we were so mesmerize... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 29/09/2010
the first date
my boyfriend and i went on our first date...i was wearing a hotpink & black dress...everything was just perfect until i fell into a pile of shit on our way home..he laughed at me and even told ... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 24/09/2010
smelt it, dealt it
One time, me, my boyfriend & this boy that lived with us were all sitting in our bedroom watching a movie. We had all ate tacos for dinner & my boyfriend & his friend had pretty bad gas... - 0 Comments
ALBERTO | 22/09/2010
Anonymous | 19/09/2010
I wanted to be cool, by teasing people. They were mad, and pinned me down, and gave me a wedgie in the woods. Then the tore off my shirt, and jeans. I was wearing tighty whiteys. Then they left me... - 0 Comments
Mai | 15/09/2010
The Drama King
this is not realy embarrassing but more of like a pissing event. My fathers brother intently spitted on me from the veranda upstairs while im downstairs smoking. He didn't just do it once but twice... - 0 Comments
Wan | 24/08/2010
Nude in front of girls
This incindent happenned just last week. i am a boy at the age of 20.Me and my 4 girls friend ( not girlfriend ) were always dare each other every week. We always dare something stupid like standin... - 2 Comments
skuur2012 | 17/08/2010
Fender bender my mom's car!
Grr driving to work, and breaked to soon :( car is fine and running but the side is smashed in oh i just wanted to die -__- - 1 Comment
kathy | 29/07/2010
nude in the hallway
ok a couldnt sleep so i was pretending to have sex wth my pillow and my pants were down and my shirt was up so i was bored and so i dared myself to go into the hallway cuz i thout every body was a... - 1 Comment
midnitenurse1 | 27/06/2010
silent fart
i went shoppin with my friend and i wanted to use the toilet really bad.on route to her home she kept searchin for a short cut to the highway but seems to be goin further from her home . by now i ... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 14/06/2010
Boyfriend's little bro is cool
Mhm, so. Decided to do something out of the ordinary with the boyfriend. Well, no more than 4.5 seconds later, his little brother walks in. Awesome. Just freakin' awesome. - 4 Comments
Watrick | 09/06/2010
Nozhan & Khalil Nasr – Things Every Buyer Should Know About Nozhan
Nozhan is an exporting company from Iran and we have mastered the art of getting the prospective buyers into confidence at the earliest and make them believe that we are the best suppliers this pla... - 0 Comments
Hapless Harriet | 15/05/2010
I (almost) poked my eye out
For as long as I can remember, I've kept my alarm clock under my bed, so I have to lean right over to turn it off, which seems to have a better chance of waking me up, instead of me falling straigh... - 0 Comments
ericaa2012 | 30/04/2010
wrong bus
well.. i attended slocomb high school, but lived in dale county.. my mom hated having to drive me for almost an hour for school everyday.. my aunt lived in where we thought was zoned for slocomb..... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 26/04/2010
Good teacher can't do math
As an educator I use mistakes as teachable moments. I teach American History and our students take a state exam at the end of the year. For 2 days our history department worked with 8th grade stude... - 0 Comments
Bella | 24/04/2010
Losing it!
Well, to start off...i was very much late to work, and i knew that my boss will be waiting for me with anger of a hundred tigers. To cut it..short the office was full of practically everyone was t... - 0 Comments
Wagod | 14/04/2010
Be aware of Khan Mazhar alias Dong Le of Porrasjen Tex
Mr. Khan Mazhar, who also calls himself Dong Le to cheat Indian importers & buyers has cheated us by taking an advance of $10000 for PVC laminated Tarpaulin. The promised shipment never happened. O... - 0 Comments
erstre32 | 10/04/2010
wet myself
one day my parents were on vacation and i was home alone so i decided to have a party. i called my friends to come ... and then my bff tickled me so hard i felt i was going to die laughing and i we... - 2 Comments
tater | 30/03/2010
You pregnant, ain't ya? You ain't???
Tater went to hear a feller he knew play the piano at a bar. His wife was signin there at the bar, and although Tater never met her before, he heard she was pregnant. When they was on a break, ol T... - 2 Comments
cnicholls | 14/03/2010
Christmas party ,,,
I had like eight friends over one evening for “Christmas drinks” last Christmas. My parents agree to go out for a few hours, giving us the opportunity to get a little drunk. So they go out, and w... - 5 Comments
Anonymous | 13/02/2010
bad pool day
Once (a year ago when i was 12 in summer going into 7th grade) while in our family's tiny above ground pool with my older broth and sister a very embarrissing thing brother wo was 19 at... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 13/02/2010
Horrible day
this happened a year ago when i was 12 during the summer between 6th and 7th grade and i am a guy. me, my brother,sister, and 8 of my cousin went to knobelas amusement park(which had water and othe... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 13/02/2010
bad day
well im 13 and i wet the bed until the summer and this story takes place in the summmer. late at night i wet the bed ALOT and went to sleep on the coach. somehow my older brother, sister and my bro... - 0 Comments
frantixsx | 08/02/2010
Do Not ever in your life, pee in a cup.
I was at a fancy wedding i did not give 2 walrus shits about...It was at some famous guy's home..some Violinist or whatever ,sure he got plenty of ass when he was younger... I felt a major piss ... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 26/01/2010
Reunion night
me and my neighborhood friends had a reunion party at a nearby bar. I was facing a trial the next day and wanted to take the stress out of the case and drink with my buddies. I got so f**ked up tha... - 0 Comments
Kimora | 02/01/2010
It was the summer of 2006. Vacationing at Disney World Orlando Fl. I was going to snorkle at Sharks Reef in Typhoon Bay. Well, it was awesome, the most beautiful colors of fish you could imagine, L... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 31/12/2009
Porcelain Download
oh dear. So i woke up this morning feeling reeeeaaallly cold. I stayed in bed for what must have been a couple of hours trying to get warm... as in bed would be warmer than out of bed. I caved, ... - 3 Comments
unluckygirl | 29/12/2009
dancing like crazy... NOT!!
Well, when we had our philippine science of tthe youth society camp held in our scchool, all schools from our region joines so that would be like more than 50 schools. we had to prepare a cheer ro... - 0 Comments
Anonymous | 19/12/2009
I'm so fuck!
I'm a student at technological university.Just yesterday me and other five guys go on a little picnic as our self ,on school time.We drink so much and get back to school.We should not have get back... - 0 Comments
jmanmim | 13/12/2009
The clencher
I was hanging out with my girfriend for a few hours the night before Thanksgiving break because it would be a week before seeing her again. I had a little indigestion, and at some point early in th... - 4 Comments
lukeimyamada | 20/11/2009
Carrot Boy
When I Was 5 I Was Sleeping In My Room And My Stupid Sexually Abused Brother Went In To My Room And Stuck a "Carrot" Up My Butt And I Accidently Blurted It Out In Front Of All My Classmates Outside... - 0 Comments
musthaveasignonmyhead | 04/11/2009
he is my husband 25 years. i know he is having a stress test tomorrow - i try hard nice easy day, doing everything right, chicken for dinner, tell kids to tell dad they love him instead of winding... - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 14/10/2009
Birds=Broken wrist?
So. The other day i was just simply minding my own beez wax. when i saw a little bird out of nowhere hop along. i looked at it and realized it had a broken wing. so the animal loser i am i aproache... - 0 Comments
cringing_lizzie | 01/10/2009
Exam siesta
Once, in a two-hour exam, I finished very early so I decided to lay my head down and close my eyes for a while. I fell asleep. Usually, people just sit still when asleep. Nope, not me. Not only ... - 1 Comment
coolcat373 | 27/09/2009
school O.M.G!!!
Right it was school asembly and it haddent started i was asked to come up and be the 1 to help the head right but so was this HORRID little boy in my class so he comes up and pances me nickers and ... - 1 Comment
LisaLush | 17/09/2009
Surely not!!!
Surely this kind of thing only happens in the movies? I get home late at night after the longest craziest day at work. I've got an early start in the morning so am in a rush to see my bed... I j... - 2 Comments
midnightswan | 20/08/2009
Hump and Run
I decided to have one of my coworkers over to my apartment last night. We had hooked up in the past but i thought we were just going to chill. Anyways, one thing led to another and we ended up hook... - 3 Comments
suchaloser | 16/08/2009
So the jig is Down!
When i was in the 8th grade i admired a lot of my older girl cousins. All 14 of my girl cousins are amazing, but there were 2 that i wanted to be exactly like Gabriela, and Maricela. Whom we loving... - 1 Comment
zachary11 | 16/08/2009
suchaloser | 15/08/2009
Crappy times.
I am such a loser (seriously i have horrible luck) that I have many, many stories to share with you all... Picture this im 15 years old, a young lady enjoying life. (At the time its 5yrs later)... - 5 Comments
Myatz | 06/08/2009
My classmate is a WHORE
damn it i was so embarrassed ... my whore clazzmates had a talk to me regarding with our project ... damn they all theey told me they dont like the design and they want the money back ? what do th... - 0 Comments
Myatz | 04/08/2009
For me my Father is already DEAD ...
July 15,2009 my father died ... he died and im really depressed. The whole world stop to rotate and it feels so sad to think that ill be living alone. I cried every moment i reminisce things with m... - 3 Comments
Myatz | 17/07/2009 dad andi had a fight ...!
..i had a bad time last night... my dad and i had a fight and it doesnt feel that good! our prelim exam is fast approaching and i dont have the money yet, to pay for it ... my mom is the only pers... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 13/07/2009
Piano Lessons
After almost 5 years of destrangement, I decided to finally walk back to the light and restart taking piano lessons. I had a pretty tight piano piece by yann tiersen ready and went over the the cen... - 0 Comments
ah | 10/07/2009
I'm iranian
u know how it feels when u'r iranian? no matter if u'r being killed,arrested,tortured,u'r vote is just a piece of paper that u must drop it into the matter what u write.cos if u dont agre... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 10/07/2009
Too high in Amsterdam
I'm in Amsterdam with mates and last night I did too many shrooms and lost control of my bowels. Yes, I shat my pants in public. I don't ever want to leave this hotel room. - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 29/06/2009
Receiving Someone Elses Award!
God knows what was wrong with me!. I went to a function today of a wildlife organisation. At the function, they started recognizing people for their good work. Suddenly, I heard my name and I rushe... - 1 Comment
guitar_girl0310 | 26/06/2009
pe test horror
it was a bright, sunny, good day, and i was taking a P.E. test with my classmates. there was a part of the test called frog-jump in which they measure how far we jump and girls are supposed to pass... - 3 Comments
parisa | 26/06/2009
my boy frined & I
It started from the time my boyfriend and I decided to get married. Things were fine before that. since then problems started to show. I love him I die for him. you know he has to come to my pare... - 7 Comments
Anonymous | 20/06/2009
Last night I was hanging with my girlfriend and a few of her friends, and we got bored so we started playing truth or dare. One thing led to another and as soon as we saw headlights i was dared to... - 3 Comments
nyx | 19/06/2009
Iran's election
Iran's presidential Election and Fraud in election. Ahmadinezhad became president by manipulating the votes. a lot of University students and pepple were killed in Iran. it was realy a catastrop... - 2 Comments
talksina | 19/06/2009
Difficult to lie to parents!
I was really, really embarassed: I had organized, last month, a week-end out with my boyfriend - and my parents still don't know I have a boyfriend and I told them I was going out because of a meet... - 5 Comments
bodog | 18/06/2009
I had a royal flush and I didnt go all in at the bodog poker tables, I should have!!! GEEZ - 1 Comment
oen | 13/06/2009
lock the door, always!
was caught with my finger under my panties by my new boyfried. All because the door was not locked. - 1 Comment
Anonymous | 06/06/2009
Never trust a fart !
'Nuff said ! - 3 Comments
MadT | 23/05/2009
Wonderful wedding
When I went to my cousins wedding and a guy there asked me to dance .I agreed and sfter we did we talked for awhile .Then when it was time to leave he asked for my number .I gave to him. Wondering ... - 1 Comment
rocknrolla | 22/05/2009
So a couple of years ago my youth church had a trip planned for Safeco Field (in Seattle, WA, where the Mariners play). Anyways, it wasn't very packed, especially in the cheap seats we had gotten, ... - 2 Comments
Anonymous | 10/05/2009
It's red.
My friend's grandmother gave me a ride home after we left our internship. When I got inside, I went to go use the bathroom and realized that I had gotten my period. Upon checking to see if it leak... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 10/05/2009
Cat's out of the bag
I was hanging out with my cousins when they got ahold of my cell phone and began looking around it a bit more than they ought to have the right to. It just so happens that I sometimes use my phone ... - 1 Comment
guitar_girl0310 | 09/05/2009
an aspiring young fashion designer's chinese class nightmare
i live in china, and i go to chinese class every saturday to improve my chinese. of course, all my other classmates were chinese, and we're all 16. i guess i'm used to looking older than everyone e... - 1 Comment
CageFightingBlogger | 13/04/2009
Most Embarrassing Moment
When I was nineteen I had my first, and undoubtedly worst, sexual experience. It wasn’t my choice to wait this long. I’d thought about it every day since I was eight, I just did not have a clue ho... - 4 Comments
tragic damsel | 06/04/2009
oh so h8 mself
gosh should i write this? i'm afraid my professor would read this... hehe ... (and here is another embarrassing moment for me...) Anyway, I am a graduating student and I am trying to make all my... - 1 Comment
zuluwarrior | 05/04/2009
Breadbin barf.
I once went to a rather posh party already pretty drunk. At the crowded do, I had a few more. I was dancing in the main room when I suddenly felt like I needed some air. The hallway was packed so I... - 2 Comments
craicagusceol | 31/03/2009
Projectile Vomiting
This story came back to me after reading "Mmmm Chicken" Way back when I was a about 19 I was down in leason street (a street in Ireland well known for its cheep and nasty clubs open till 2am a... - 4 Comments
SarahB | 31/03/2009
MMMM Chicken
So i went on a date with this guy i used to work with. I was feeling a little carsick and i told him i might throw up. He asked if he should pull over...i said no thinking i could hold it down. I w... - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 23/03/2009
The taxi driver saw everything
So I was out on Saturday night with friends, had a few drinks but not so many that I couldn't remember the night, although I now wish I couldn't remember the night. At around 2am I grabbed a taxi ... - 3 Comments
tragic damsel | 12/03/2009
Not so embarassing...but i'll not another clumsy experience here
Just minutes ago... I've sent an email to my professor... and I forgot to put the subject in it... so I have to send one again. My teacher must be confused by the time he receives it... but I hope ... - 1 Comment
tragic damsel | 25/02/2009
not again... i would never want to have some form of diary here for future embarrassing moments...just past embarrassing moments perhaps... Today, we went to the wet market...As we went to the p... - 1 Comment
Skaapie_88 | 18/02/2009
Camping in the garden
One year during our summer holidays, a whole buch of us decided to camp in our back garden. We lived in a complex so we all shared the same garden. Anyways it was late into the night and we were ... - 5 Comments
HadToBeMe | 02/02/2009
My bum hurts
Was walking to work this morning in London's heavist snow fall in 20 years and slipped and fell on my arse on a busy road. Was made worst by the mobile phone in my pocket which I landed on. Must ... - 3 Comments
mery | 19/01/2009
my meter box was humming; I looked around for a cause, couldn't find one. Went outside, was reading on the verandah; 1/2 an hour later came back inside and the humming was much louder. I rang the p... - 1 Comment
tragic damsel | 16/01/2009
Happy New Year!
LATELY, I've changed my cellphone number. So I sent everyone in my phonebook a message to inform them. I started my text message with "Belated Happy New Year everyone..." Later I told my mother... - 3 Comments
Anonymous | 22/11/2008
Lunch Confusion
It was in the first month of school in second grade at lunch. In first grade, our tables were dismissed to dump our trays, so we got up, dumped our trays and lined up to go to recess outside the c... - 4 Comments
Anonymous | 03/11/2008
life stinks
so i was in new york with my friends and i was wearing a short flowy dress and i walked over one of those vents that has air blowing up from it and BAM my dress flew up all the way to my face!! it... - 4 Comments
an_aussie_OS | 21/10/2008
Down to reception in nothing but a towel!
Farking hostels!!! So I wake up in my 6 bed dorm and head off to the showers, as I do every day. The showers on level 3 are pretty decent and they're not too far away from the room. Have my ... - 2 Comments
craicagusceol | 15/10/2008
Attempting to look super cool.........
Luck of the Irish Part 2 Whilst living in Melbourne Australia I met my then girlfriend (who is shortly going to be my wife) for a cup of coffee, I was wearing my new fitted black suit, new blue ... - 3 Comments
murphdjs | 30/09/2008
Cinema + bad film + fire alarm
So had some time to kill in town and thought I'd go and see Death Race (why not?). After a so-so hour and a half someone decides to add their own special effects in another screen and the fire alar... - 0 Comments
sparkle_princess123 | 25/09/2008
So my friend that I've liked for a while asks me to go to the movies with him and some friends. So I say yes, and the he asks if it's ok if he kisses me. I think, then uneasily say yes. He acts wie... - 4 Comments
craicagusceol | 19/09/2008
The Luck of the Irish.....
This one time in band camp...just kidding Whilst working as a barman in a very well known Irish bar frequented by American tourists on a dark dingy Sunday afternoon, two young Canadian woman cam... - 3 Comments
peter | 16/08/2008
infront of EVERYONE else...
This happened some years back, so if you know me (hopefully you don't) you might understand why i have turned out how i have. I had been going with my dad and sister to judo for a number of week... - 4 Comments
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