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by : Anonymous | written on :01/12/2013 | permalink

headgear *shudders*

I've never been so embarrassed

I wasn't what you'd call popular in high school I had friends but I wasn't popular at all. During the summer I got braces in my second year of high school! I also had headgear I had to wear it 24/7 ad I couldn't remove it the headgear was HUGE it wasn't the normal kind it was called a facebow it had. Pad on your forehead and you chin with a metal bar going from your forehead pad to your mouth connecting to your chin pad. Summer soon ended and school started. The first day was horrible. We had one hour before our first class so I went to meet up with my friends but, they all refused to hang out with me anymore. They started tugging on my headgear which attracted attention because of my cries someone told them to stop and that person pulled down my pants and have me a massive wedgie and hung my underwear to a hook. I was in the janitors closet and the janitor wasn't coming today so I was stuck here for a long time. Some kid came in with a bucket of mud and dumped it on me someone else took off my shirt so I was hanging of a hook from my underwear with no pants and no shirt so I was in my bra. My underwear ripped so I fell off the hook and I looked out the window and no one was there soon walked out because my locker was right by the door with clothes in it. I walked out holding up my ripped underwear when a bunch of kids came our and started laughing. I jumped and my underwear fell off some kids took hold of me and carried me into the gym in the middle of an assembly and tied me to a bar on a monkey bar type thing so I hung from it and kids dragged it to the center of the gym. Someone ripped off some of my headgear so it dangled. I was half naked in front of the entire high school I tried to run when the ropes holding me broke I fell on the ground but hot in my feet and started running. I couldn't speak very well because my headgear was messed up so I had a lisp with headgear before but I had an ever worse lisp now. I was stuck in the girl restroom when all the girls picked me up and put me in a VERY dirty toilet and they kept flushing the toilet I tried to he your but I was stuck. Later some girl helped me and lots of kid got in trouble.

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